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Kit, Chloe & Louise paper dolls

Hey paper doll people, I’ve got a shop update for you. The Kit, Chloe & Louise paper dolls are now up and ready to go in the shop. Yay! I’m so excited about these! I’ve got my fingers crossed that they’re a big hit so I can justify drawing a gazillion more outfits. Playing with colored pencils is such a refreshing break from the sewing machine.

Kit, Chloe & Louise come with three outfits each, stand-up stands and a carry-all … More

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teeny tiny polka dots

Thanks for all the gardening advice! I’ve been visiting all your links and putting books on hold at the library and my head is spinning. I feel I actually may be narrowing in on some things. I’m collecting photos and I think there may be theme. A theme! I actually need to get back to my scouring of the internet for my garden but first a new photo. Tim’s crabby that I put up such awful pics of our yard … More

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yarn wrapped spool animals

supplies: spools, yarn, felt, button eyes, embroidery floss, pom for bunny tail.

cut out 2 circles for the face and behind, make sure to give the bunnyface some ears. cut out your beak or sheep ears and nose and tail out of felt.

wrap spool nice and fat with yarn and then weave in loose end between the rolls.

glue or sew features on to face and butt. (for sheep glue ears on to side of spool)

glue on face … More

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a puppy doll

I made another little pillow doll to hang out with the skinny bunny. I made him out of a soft blue lambswool sweater I found at the thrift store and a vintage healthtex tee. I think I’ve achieved the correct balance of height, width and stuffedness. He’s the perfect little pillow. I had some trouble making him look like a puppy and not just a bunny with bent ears. I hope the big nose did the trick!