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strawberry dress

Hey, thanks for all the encouraging and enthusiastic comments on my spilled beans. I’m more excited than ever that I made the decision to go for it. Things are really chugging along well and it’s well, fun. Which is amazing, considering how terrified I was to take on this challenge. Keeping everything in perspective makes it easier and having busy kids under foot seems to do the trick. Like right now we’re cleaning up from the visit from the stomach … More

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The one question I get asked the most is where do I get my wool felt. I thought I’d write a post about just that and hopefully get feedback from you guys and then have it all in one spot where I can send everybody. For whatever reason nice wool and wool felt seem to be specialty items and they aren’t readily available in most fabric stores (although JoAnn Fabrics does carry a few colors, their site says it’s 100% … More

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jinxes and fabric

Ok, here are some more of those photos I mentioned. First, here’s my haul from the thrift store yesterday. First lucky thrifting day I’ve had in a looong time! You can see the latest additions up close in my vintage fabric set on flickr.

And here’s one of the self portraits I took yesterday. There is an unsettling amount of me staring out at me from my iPhoto now. yikes. So what’s the picture for… I’m going to try my … More

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focus on the importing

I received a fabric swap package from Jen in Tokyo today and it’s eerie how perfect it all is in every aspect. I’ve been brainstorming projects and sketching ideas the past few days and so many of these are just PERFECT for things I have planned. Jen, once again you’ve outdone yourself. You have such a knack for picking out things I’ll love. Thank you so much!


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a color scheme

These are the fabrics I have picked out for my next set of projects. The colors are based on those in this amazing print Kim sent me.

Speaking of colors, I’m loving these too. Tim took this photo at a vintage auto show we happened upon in Indiana. Oscar was very pleased with it. He kept running from car to car and pointing and yelling “CAR!” to anyone who’d listen. He was quite a hit.… More