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crazy doll lady

Yep that’s me. Or it is soon going to be. We went to this amazing crazy estate sale on Friday that was baby doll madness! I think this woman must have been the old Grandma in the neighborhood who has an open invitation for all the kids to come over to play with a stockpile of outdated toys. When we first walked into the backyard and saw the boxes and boxes and boxes of dolls I about had a heart … More

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odd little couple

Today I’m singing the I’m lucky lucky song (and doing the dance). I’ve had some amazing trades in the past and here’s another one. I’ve long admired Jess Hutch‘s amazingly cool, soft, fuzzy knit robots and I swooned over her adorable bug for month of softies. So when I recently discovered her flickr account I added her as a contact right away. That’s where I spotted the photo she posted of her latest little guy. I freaked out! … More

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Look who came in the mail today…

Pippy! One of Claire’s fabulous little kittens. She is so wonderful. Her little expression and her bright red jumper and her soft soft fuzzy hair..I’m a smitten kitten! I’ve put her in with all of Oscar’s trucks and balls in an attempt to lure him to her. So far all attempts at introducing dolls to him have had little success. I’m glad to see Buttercup has made it there safely and is … More