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Look who came in the mail today…

Pippy! One of Claire’s fabulous little kittens. She is so wonderful. Her little expression and her bright red jumper and her soft soft fuzzy hair..I’m a smitten kitten! I’ve put her in with all of Oscar’s trucks and balls in an attempt to lure him to her. So far all attempts at introducing dolls to him have had little success. I’m glad to see Buttercup has made it there safely and is basking in the hot Australia sun. At least someone from the Lang household is enjoying some warm weather!


And look what else… a pear!


I’ve been in love with these pears since the moment I saw them. I kept going back to them and showing them to Tim. me – look how cute. tim – yes very cute. me – but look how CUTE. look at the little o mouth. Tim – yes very cute. Now I have one in my house and I’m going to pester him all day long with her.

Thank you Claire!!

6 thoughts on “yippie!

  1. Just caught up on your blog after not reading it for a week or so. Love your bunnies and goodies but am really really impressed with the pins. what a fabulous idea.

  2. i loved those pears too the instant i saw them. i wonder what it is going to take to get one my way! you lucky girl.
    how do you take such great pictures, hillary?

  3. You have really great things!! I love Buttercup. I have those same conversations about cute things with my boyfriend all the time!

  4. lucky lucky cute cute!!

  5. Looks like you hit the cute jackpot! Hope your cold hasn’t gotten worse. Take care.

  6. i got lola kitten, and i live in chicago. i love that the two kittens with lionesque manes have both relocated here 🙂

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