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well hello 2009

I’ve been waiting for you for a looong time. Ring-a-ding-ding!! I’ve got plans for you, big ones. I’m going to unplug the wii iv, get these kids back to a normal routine, turn another year older and then I’m digging in. oh nine!

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under the tree

I try to justify these ebay purchases saying their for Phoebe, but really she’s much more interested in legos and transformers. Seems if it’s not Oscar’s she not interested. Oh well, more for me to play with on Christmas Day. above: Holly Hobbie and below: Tammy dolls (wait til you see all their outfits!)


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Stitched in Time Nutcracker dolls

They need to come up with a name for spending the Friday after Thanksgiving sitting at home working on handmade presents. “DIY Friday”? “You don’t really need it, even if it is on super sale, so sleep in and spend a leisurely day knitting Friday”? Whatever it’s called, I was able to spend a good part of it inside snuggled up with my sewing basket finishing these two nutcracker dolls from Alicia’s new book, Stitched in Time. They are presents … More

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How could I resist this hair! This is the Pullip I had to have. And her original costume is amazing. I’ll have to take photos of her in all her splendor soon. Here she is in her new Fall Sugarmag outfit. A little more classic than her sister’s. She’s the Grace Kelly of the two. Maybe she’s the Blair and the Blythe is the Serena? Just not sure yet.

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please meet my blythe

Here she is my new Blythe doll, Roaring Red.

She’s an ADG Blythe, which are reproductions of the original 70s Blythes. The Takara Blythes are the ones that are made in Japan and are much more expensive. I got the cheaper ADG version, you know, babysteps down the Blythe rabbit hole. I’ve always been fascinated by the Blythe world. All the outfits, the customization, the photo shoots. I’m still just figuring out what’s going on. I don’t have a … More

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I found this Heidi in a purse doll at the all night flea market this Summer. Phoebe was interested in it for about 2 minutes and then on to something else so I put her up on a shelf to save for later. Thing is, now Phoebe can reach almost all our shelves including the saving them for later shelves. She unearthed Heidi yesterday and I just had to let her play with her because, check it out, they’re wearing … More

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seasonally appropriate decorating

I know I seem like a holiday jumper with my already-on-to-christmas crafts but be assured things are fall festive/halloweeny around here. We’ve got our bats up and our plastic pumpkins out and even our ironed between waxed paper leaves up in the window.

Here’s my favorite new Halloween decor item, my new witch doll by Mimi Kirchner that is taking a break from her spot on my cherished items shelf to come out here and help me hand out candy.… More