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crocheted hexagon afghan

It's done! I crocheted an afghan! Fun! I love making blankets. Crochet is such a new world for me. It's so forgiving. This just occurred to me.. my border is a little ruffly where I started out because I was picking up too many stitches… I can just cut it, undo that part and redo it! Also some of the yarn I used is not my favorite. I could actually cut out one hex and redo a ring with a … More

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crocheting and Gilmore Girls

Ok, I am maybe halfway done with my crocheted hexagon afghan. I thought I was closer but then I laid it out on the floor, instead of just on my lap, and ok, maybe another 30 hexs. I really want to finish it up because I want to start a new one in Christmas colors. Where did I talk about that, here? Instagram? Facebook? I want to make another in the same design but with white outer rings and bright … More

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lamb ears

How about we start the week with a little something I like to call.. the cutest hat I've ever seen!!

I spied it at the counter in the Kline Creek Farm gift shop and could not pass it by. Not like Phoebe needs another hat (in fact, I think I have a few more projects to share that fall in the category of Phoebe headgear) but man oh man. It's all nubby and crocheted in organic cotton and the ears! … More

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crocheted potholder

I’m in the middle of working on a very large overambitious project for my blog birthday next week. So what do I do instead of work on it? Decide it’s time to seriously practice my crocheting of course. I had my friend Teresa come over yesterday and give me some pointers. I was hoping she could tell me why everything I try to crochet goes so astray. I figured a few things out but I’m still so sucky at it. … More