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crocheting and Gilmore Girls

Ok, I am maybe halfway done with my crocheted hexagon afghan. I thought I was closer but then I laid it out on the floor, instead of just on my lap, and ok, maybe another 30 hexs. I really want to finish it up because I want to start a new one in Christmas colors. Where did I talk about that, here? Instagram? Facebook? I want to make another in the same design but with white outer rings and bright candy colors in the center. So just need to finish this one up first, but… I’m done with all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls already!! This was my Gilmore Girls afghan. I was trying to finish it while watching all 7 seasons of GG on Netflix. But I wasn’t just watching while crocheting. I ended up watching nothing but GG for last month or so. I get so lazy with tv watching. So much easier to just watch the one show, no decision making. Man, I am disappointed in that ending. I knew it was terrible. I remembered that. I re-remembered that. I read articles about how bad it was and still, so disappointing.

So now I’m trying to find another funny, light hearted show to binge watch. But, evidently this was the only such show every made. Every other show on tv, now or in the past 5-10 years, is gorey, supernatural, crime, murder, superhero, sci fi. And I love that stuff, especially sci fi, but it was so relaxing to just watch a nice happy show. If I’m missing anything obvious please let me know. And yes, I know, #oldladyproblems. But dangit, I need a nice happy show to crochet my christmas afghan to!

35 thoughts on “crocheting and Gilmore Girls

  1. Parenthood is delightful and Friday night lights!

  2. I don’t know about Parenthood. The three or four times I’ve caught it I’ve ended up weeping. I think it must be an awesome show but maybe not lighthearted? I’d be interested to hear. The three or four weeping incidents scared me off. We just finished binge watching the Newsroom on HBO go. SO good. If you liked the West Wing you’ll like the Newsroom, funny but maybe not lighthearted. No weeping from me though 🙂

  3. Im working my way through hart of Dixie….

  4. I love Parenthood. I am going to try watching Friday Night Lights my son
    said it was good.

  5. Friday Night Lights is excellent, sometimes a little bit heartbreaking. For sheer comedy, try the sitcom The Middle, which was recently suggested to me by a friend when I was mourning finishing Gilmore Girls (for the 4th time!). The Middle is nothing like GG, but it’s hilarious, especially if you are a parent.

  6. I’ve finally started watching Community and maybe that would be a good fit? it’s a sitcom so the eps are shorter, (21-22 mins on dvd) but it’s clever, light and the cast wonderful. and it’s funny.
    (I can’t watch anything gory/crime/etc these days.) Otherwise, I wonder if Leverage would work? it’s pretty caper-y – though it has it’s fighty, tear jerker moments. again, a good ensemble cast and can be funny.
    hope that proves helpful. best wishes.

  7. May I suggest, if you haven’t already seen it, Parks and Recreation?
    Happy crocheting!

  8. I also like to have one show to watch at a time while crafting. I’ve been enjoying lots of British shows on Hulu Plus. The Starlings is lovely as is Stella. I also enjoyed Pram Face (in spite of the name). I just finished Gavin and Stacy which was pretty sweet.

  9. Felicity! FNL is great too, though.

  10. Love Parenthood, like the others suggested. Lighthearted + funny is Parks and Rec. On Netflix too. Love your blog. Been following your blog for years and I think this is the first time I’ve commented. Haha! Love all your work! Thanks for staying on the blog train!

  11. Watch Bunheads! More Amy Sherman-Palladino to help with missing Gilmore Girls.

  12. It only lasted two seasons, but Pushing Daisies is a gem. If you want smart and witty, check out Sports Night. It’s not really about sports, it’s about the people.

  13. I always fall back to Mad About You with Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser… there’s seven seasons of it, too!

  14. I have no lighthearted show ideas, because I’m binging on Extant right now. Only one season to get through. I have to know what type of yarn and colors are you using for your afghan. I love it!!

  15. Friday Night Lights. Give it a few episodes and you’ll be hooked.

  16. Doc Martin is a great light-hearted show on the BBC…..very good and funny!

  17. Im with you on GG. Love it! I’m almost done and dreading the day. FNL is good. I watched it with our oldest one summer. I was hooked. LOTS of HGTV shows on Netflix now…but as much I as love them, it’s not the same as a show. Love love love Parenthood.

  18. GG was such a fantastic show! I just finished watching Call the Midwife; the episodes almost always ended on a happy note. I second the recommendations for Community and Parenthood.

  19. I’m on season 5 of G.G., dreading the end… it’s going to feel like I lost two close friends! I always made fun of the hoakey Parenthood commercials, then I watched the show, and it was great. Friday Night Lights is great, an interest in football is totally unnecessary. Flea Market Fix is entertaining, if a little frustrating (people wanting to paint Heywood Wakefield lacquer black! NO!)

  20. I second Felicity. And Mad About You. If you want to take a trip on the way way back machine try Northern Exposure. Completely quirky and wonderful.

  21. I totally second Sports Night, and Parenthood and Doc Martin.

  22. And Northern Exposure!!

  23. New Girl
    Parks and Rec

  24. I just binged on Magnum PI. Talk about silly!

  25. GG is up next on my list for craft/sewing/doing the dishes watching. I am finishing up Brothers and Sisters right now. I know the heartbreaking episode is coming up, but I am powering through. I just finished up FNL right before starting B&S. I love have whole seasons of shows to watch while I craft and cook 🙂

  26. do you only watch TV online? if you can get access to DVDs, two of my favorite crafting shows are Northern Exposure and Corner Gas… on Netflix, I agree with Parks & Rec. Doc Martin is good, but they took most of the seasons down. Frasier? How I Met Your Mother (although last season was awful)? IT Crowd. I really actually like Malcolm in the Middle. The Wonder Years. on Hulu – Miranda. Brooklyn 99 (only slightly crime-y, this a surprisingly sweet show).

  27. Bunheads was fun, but only one season. Pushing Daisies would be good, I think. A little supernatural, but not in the vampires and blood sort of way. Ugly Betty? Veronica Mars?
    Glee? Dr. Who. The Big Bang Theory is usually pretty good for binge watching while crocheting for me. Nothing is quite like the great Gilmore Girls…

  28. Hi Hillary- been a long time since I checked in on your blog. Your babies are so big now! What about Glee? It’s my “go to” crafting show and I love the music.
    Your rug is gorgeous, btw!

  29. I too binge watch Netflix while knitting for my craft festivals. My daughter in law got me hooked on Call the Midwife, outstanding! Another older show I got hooked on was Medium, so good! Actually, Raising Hope is just fun, silly and laugh out loud entertainment!

  30. How about the great British sewing bee or Offspring from Australia, it’s wonderfully quirky and very easy watching.

  31. I have just started watching Downton Abbey and it is lovely.

  32. I second How I Met Your Mother and am throwing in Eureka too.

  33. I second Hart of Dixie. It has similar fast-talking, pop culture references mixed with small town craziness like GG. There are only a few seasons but it’s an enjoyable watch.

  34. Love your shop! And I know, there are some major withdrawals when you finish Gilmore girls, (I seriously almost cried when the last episode faded to black :b) But you should check out RAISING HOPE! It is probably second only to Gilmore girls, and is very different but light hearted, absolutely hilarious and totally addictive. Plus no blood guts or gore ;b. Check it out!

  35. I would look up some British shows – I LOVE Call the Midwife, Doc Martin, and As Time Goes By. Fantastic, wonderful, heart warming shows. Cannot recommend highly enough. Also, you should try the mini-series Cranford. Excellent. And totally try old stuff like Mary Tyler Moore! That show is so fun to watch. Have you tried Modern Family? It’s pretty awesome too.

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