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Make-Along Clothes Patterns by season

If you’d like to just dip your toe in the water, the Make-Along patterns are now offered in smaller bundles. Check out the seasons packs on the shop. Fall is on sale now, and next, in a few months, Winter… you get the plan!

wee wonderfuls make-along doll clothes

3 thoughts on “Make-Along Clothes Patterns by season

  1. Will there be patterns for the smaller size animals too?

  2. Hi Hilary! Do these clothes fit the old Elsa doll (16″)? My daughter has a renewed interest in her Elsa doll that I made in 2014 (yay!) and she wants to make new clothes for her.

    1. hi stephanie, no, I’m sorry 🙁 they’re too small for the old elsa.

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