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basic stitches for dollmaking

Hi friends! Here are some stitches I use to make dolls and stuffed animals.

I use the ladder stitch to attach my stuffed doll parts together.


I use this stitch to join pieces when handsewing projects from wool felt

And here are the embroidery stitches I use…

to outline eyes, stitch eyebrows and mouth


fill in eyes or other shapes

to start embroidery on a stuffed doll if you don’t want to hide your knot

these stitches are good for drawing with floss


4 thoughts on “basic stitches for dollmaking

  1. thank you , this was very informative and I appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us , your readers. I love your creations and patterns to make them.

  2. Hi
    I bought the pattern for the make along dolls and made 2 for my daughters. We are all delighted at how they have turned out 🙂

    I have just started working on the clothes and was wondering if you had any advice on finishing the arm holes. I made the boho fete dresses and just turned the edges of the arm holes slightly which works well enough for that dress but noticed the lovely finish on the arms of the dress you posted on instagram in the past couple of days

  3. Hi Orla, so glad you’re enjoying the make-along dolls! Finishing doll clothes is such a tricky business since they’re so tiny. Most regular garment finishing techniques don’t really work on such a small curve. For my boho dress I did the same, just pressed under, clipping curves and topstitched. The dress on instagram is the Summer Picnic dress and it is lined which is how those armholes are so nicely done. You could follow the same basic principle with the boho dress too. It takes more time but does look so nice when finished. Let me know if you need more detailed help.

  4. Hi


    Thanks for the response – I will be brave and try lining my next effort!



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