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handmade ornaments

I’m almost having guilt that I’ve made no handmade ornaments yet this year. Of course this is not really a problem. My tree is lousy with handmade ornaments. In fact I have so many ornaments all together that there’s only room for about half of them on the tree. Not a great ratio. But I love the handmade ones so much. I remember so clearly making them with the kids, or laboring over them on my own. Getting all manic and weird about handmade Xmas fodder is one of my favorite holiday traditions.

I remember how into these bells Oscar was. We ended up making a dozen of them! I think it was the thrill of the hot glue gun that he loved.

Oh! I just remembered last night as I was falling asleep I was thinking we should make Star Wars ornaments this year. Seen any cute ones out there?

3 thoughts on “handmade ornaments

  1. I have a few treasured handmade ornaments that my kids made. Now a few are popping up from the Grandies. JOY! Love yours. I hope to see your Star Wars ornaments.

  2. I too love to whip up handmade ornaments. The last couple of years I have done several crocheted lace snowflakes. I end up gifting them along with a holiday card and little gift card for teachers at my girl’s school. I just can’t resist a handmade touch!

  3. There are some super cute Star Wars Perler bead patterns on Pinterest. Last year I made a stormtrooper and an R2D2 ornament for friends.
    I love making ornaments. Every year I host an ornament making party. It’s my favorite event of the season.

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