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little sweater and likes

I made a little sweater for a new KCL doll yesterday. The sweater turned out really well. I know the key to knitting for dolls is to use finer gauge yarn but I always try to short cut it. Here I didn’t and I used Sidar Snuggly Spots DK and it was perfect. The pattern I used was a free one I found on ravelry, Huckleberry Friend, for an 18″ doll. I shortened the yoke by 4 rows and the sleeves by some (not sure, I eyeballed it) and it fits perfectly.

I posted this pic last night on instagram, after it’d gotten dark, and then my phone died for the day. Woke up this morning to the most likes I’ve ever received! So fun! I am definitely energized by the feedback. It reminds me of when I started blogging and was very driven to finish new projects to share with everyone. Of course back then everything was so new that it was very exciting… oh my gosh have you seen japanese craft books?! holy cow, did you see this new site etsy?!!  But even with everything under the sun having been done before (as it always has but now the internet just knows about it) I am super happy connecting with my people again. Of course nothing is ever as black and white/on and off as this, but I do feel in general that I’ve spent the last 5 years or so connecting with my brick & mortar community, growing roots in my town, our schools, my neighborhood, and now I’m rediscovering my internet community again. Checking in with old friends, enjoying the largess that is the internet instead of being stressed out by it, and again geeking out over crafts with you all! Fun fun! And I love the blog even more because no one reads blogs anymore! haha. Now it’s just us, and I can totally be myself.

While I was having concentration issues with my knitting yesterday I hit the thrift store and now I have another stack of must-do sewing. These woolens I think will fit in perfectly with a blanket/quilt scheme I’m hatching.

And I bought another pile of baby clothes to make into doll clothes. I have high hopes for these. The first top I cut into I totally botched, but I’m refocused now. I really want to make a slew of outfits quickly and I think this is a genius solution. I’m off to see if I’m as smart as I think I am…


8 thoughts on “little sweater and likes

  1. I was thinking similar thoughts the other day. How the old school blogs are diminishing with IG and FB and all that but I’m starting to feel like those who are doing the personal blog thing (rather than the sponsored blog thing which has great content but is different) are starting to come back. A mini resurgence. Anyway, I’ve enjoyed seeing your posts again.

  2. I too am seeing my favorite blogs that are still around having kind of existential moments. What is this space for? What am I saying here that I dont already say in IG, FB or Twitter? Its good. Though i miss some blogs that are gone or have gone so commercial that I cant find anything but ads on them, I do appreciate my long term blogs that are showing their true colors again

  3. Interesting to hear your thoughts on blogging. I’m still plugging away at it, too, but often wonder why.
    That doll is crazy-cute. I think it’s her hair, and the particular quirk of her smile…
    I’ve been enjoying your show-and-tell, thrift & stitch posts. All the funny and sweet little faces flying forth from your needle…

  4. I’m with you on the blog thing. And the knitting and the thrifting but, you know. Still here, still reading 🙂

  5. i for one have been checking the whole time waiting for you to come back and I love it.

  6. I love your blog and I love your creations! Xx

  7. I’m so glad you’re back here regularly.

  8. I am loving poking around on your blog, please keep adding to it, it really is a wonderful place to linger.

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