13 thoughts on “mouse, fall deco and a scarf

  1. Lindsay says:

    She’s sooo sweet! How I wish I could sew as you do so I could make these lovely little things for my little girl to play with and me to look at! Love this mouse!

  2. Jenny G. says:

    I absolutely love your mouse- the fabrics are perfect! I’ve just been catching up on the last month or reading online, and I really like all of the thrifted fabrics you’ve been using for your sewing. Makes me want to get myself to the store and start looking- I never look at thrifted pieces as fabric, but rather just as clothes- I’ll have to work on changing that. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. hillary says:

    Yes, I love it, especially in the Fall/Winter. When I started thrifting I used to find so much vintage fabric in the linens/fabric sections. Now I’ve given up on those completely and just see if I can find nice fabric in the clothing. The skirt aisle in my favorite these days.

  4. hillary says:

    You can! If you don’t have a sewing machine try hand sewing felt toys. I love making those, I find it very relaxing. Much less stressful sometimes than battling my 30 yo sewing machine 🙂

  5. hillary says:

    Thanks guys for the mouse love! I just love getting comments on the BLOG! Reminds me of the good old days 🙂 And I can sit at the keyboard and type nice rambling responses instead trying to type them out on my tiny phone.

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