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kitten in a dress

I spent the day crocheting to try to shake off the weekend. I hate sending the kids back to school on Monday morning after a weekend that just wasn’t quite right. So I drowned my sorrows in some gold wool and a pumpkin spice latte.

Kitten likes her new dress. She herself is made from the Katie Kitty pattern from my book and an incredibly soft fuzzy felted angora sweater so she wasn’t really feeling the stiff tweed pants and bowtie I had planned. I still need to perfect my increases and decreases in crochet but I like how it turned out. She’s now a very soft, very huggable kitten.

5 thoughts on “kitten in a dress

  1. I really like your gray kitty. I was wondering if she was made of a sweater. Now I know. Is it more forgiving to sew with a knit than a cotton? I like her golden dress too.

  2. I do like to work with felted wool from recycled sweaters, more stretch than regular wool but not as much as jersey or knit fabric. Definitely more forgiving but it doesn’t keep its shape as nicely so that’s the trade off.

  3. Cute cute. I wonder about the crochet heads sitting on the unfinished side. Are you using a pattern for those?

  4. Not really, and that’s why they’re still bodyless! I haven’t managed to get the proportions how I want them yet :/

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