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Monday Monday

I just put a coffee in the freezer so I can chug it down and see if I can salvage any of this day! I have a long list, of things I'm actually looking forward to doing, but I can't seem to get out putter-around-craft-room with breaks of looking-stuff-up-on-the internet mode. I'm trying to remember if I've ever crocheted a toy. I don't think I have. I hate searching things on my blog because a. I can never find them and b. when I do find things all the links are broken! This is the downside to blogging for 10+ years. So far today I did sew and stuff and potentially bizarre bunny body and a perfectly acceptable kitty head. If I'm not too distracted looking up amigurumi patterns I will get back to them after the coffee treatment.

Does anyone else feel guilty picking wildflowers from parks? I'm a weirdo. I try to remind myself they'll mow or burn these all off in a month or so anyway. And literally every untended square foot of Illinois is covered in them. Still, I have to run to the car like a criminal after I've picked a handful.

I can remember how to make a circle. Hey! This is reminding me that I need to get my crocheted afghan out again now that it's Fall.

When I go over to get photo links for blogging it's fun to see what random photos come up on my flickr activity feed when people like them. Fall stitchettes! Little mice having tea with an acorn tea kettle. Shot outside against our red fence. I'll have to show this to Tim. Our fence is sooo not that red anymore, crazytown.

2 thoughts on “Monday Monday

  1. Don’t worry about not getting anything done-we are just finishing week #3 of “weather so hot you cannot get anything done” which for us is 100 degrees. Plus, no A/c most places cause it rarely ever gets this way. Doubly awful as we are still in year 4 of drought. I think if I work too hard (ie, at all) I’m going to disintegrate into dust. Hope the coffee worked!

  2. Oh dear, that’s not sweater weather at all! 🙁
    Hope it lets up soon

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