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easy v. difficult

Some projects are difficult. Project Life is really hard for me. The one bazillion decisions involved… picking photos, placement, embellishment, journaling, etc. I can’t tackle it if anyone else is in the house, if I have any errands or interruptions, nothing. I need big empty chunks of time because it’s so challenging for me.

Painting peg people on the other hand, way too easy. Especially since I still haven’t cleaned them up from Christmas. They’re right here on the dining room table with all the paint and the felt and the floss. It’s out of my control.

5 thoughts on “easy v. difficult

  1. Hello Sunshine!!

  2. Good grief, I thought I was the only one who had a difficult time with project life! I am so glad to know I am not alone. I , too, need to be alone with peace and quiet in order to work on it or I feel all discombobulated…LOL!

  3. your hello-sunshine doll has me grinning ear to ear (and giggling, too). thank you for the smile and distraction from my current (less interesting) project.

  4. You aren’t alone, I love to scrapbook and thought PL would be a great way to catch up on all the photos I haven’t used but I find it so hard to do. It is almost like a little 4×6 or 3×4 page is harder for me to create than a big 12×12. 🙂

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