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pop of color

With nothing but white out the windows for 2 months now it’s good to have some bright colors in the house to look at. And eating my vegetables has never been easier. It’s reassuring to eat lots of bright green food, to remember that in other places things can still grow. One of the most fun quotes Tim and I remember from Oscar’s birth is the midwife telling me that if I had been a pioneer on a wagon train I would have died in childbirth. I think she was trying to be positive? This Winter is another one of those if you were a pioneer you’d be dead sort of reminders.

2 thoughts on “pop of color

  1. I tell myself something similar to this when I’m grouching about digging my car out of the snow yet again…
    The car still starts, and warms, and runs, and moves at a decent speed to get me from one heated building to another.
    But still, I’m ready for spring. And I’m glad I’m not a pioneer.

  2. I am also reminded daily that I couldn’t have hacked it in pioneer days.
    I can’t imagine my life without modern medicine, grocery stores and heat.
    Ugh, bring on Spring already.

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