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Dec 7, Spaceboy & Robot as ornaments

In the same tradition of Mr. & Mrs. Claus I decided to make two more wee patterns even more wee this Christmas. Spaceboy & Robot are now at home on Oscar's blue tinsel tree. 

5 thoughts on “Dec 7, Spaceboy & Robot as ornaments

  1. Love these – so very cute 🙂

  2. Are these sewn or did you just use the patterns and cut out felt?

  3. Love these! Robot and Space boy are firm favourites in this house. They are getting on in years but still cuddled every night; Space boy on the inside, Robot on the outside (to protect everyone!). My son would love me to make these. How much did you reduce the pattern by?

  4. not sewn, I cut the pieces out of felt and glued them to a backing piece of felt. I even glued the sequins/beads on instead of sewing them. the glittery bits are glitter glue

  5. so cute! my son still sleeps with his too 🙂
    this is the pattern printed at 25%

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