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Thanks to all the people who have emailed me wondering if I was ok! Thanks, yes, sorry! I guess I ended up taking an unplanned blog sabbatical there. I’ve been so busy with family, end of the year school stuff, the kids’ sports and activities and life that I’ve had no time to read blogs, pin pins, take photos, make anything. But two weeks til Summer break and I have big plans. Big plans to schedule nothing and do less. Hopefully then I can attach the doll limbs that have fallen under the desk and sew faces on poor dolls who have been abandoned at the side of the sofa. I also am dying to hit a used book sale, an estate sale, garage sale, anything! Also many garden projects I can’t wait to tackle. All of which are excellently bloggable activities. So I will see you all soon!

7 thoughts on “hi blog

  1. Laura says:

    Glad you’re OK, if a little (little?) busy. I love Phoebe’s crocheted cardigan! Did you make it? Do you have a link to a pattern? I’d love to make one like this for my wee girl. Thanks 🙂

  2. brenda says:

    thought you were just busy, glad to hear it though. love the tree you’re kids are climbing. every child needs one of those in their life. enjoy your down time.

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