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The Galoob

Guess what else I found last week at the garage sale… a new sewing machine! Sadly it’s only 1.5″ tall but it actually works.

I lucked out with a few other appliances, all fully operational FunBeams.

Even picked up a new sound system.

20 thoughts on “The Galoob

  1. oh my. these are too cute to be believed!

  2. These are so awesome! I have just a weakness for all things miini!

  3. Oh my goodness. We MUST be of the same generation. Jenny, and now these? Love!

  4. How fun!!! Perfect for a doll house!
    BTW I’m starting a new series this month. You should stop by and take a look. =)
    – Sarah

  5. ahhh! Those are incredible!

  6. oh! I used to have these in my doll’s house. So much fun.

  7. Igave my dad that stereo in his stocking for Christmas about a zillion years ago!

  8. Wow! I have never seen a 1.5″ sewing machine!!! Very cute…

  9. okay those are freaking FANTINYTASTIC!!! i would have DIED!!!

  10. How fun! When I was about twelve I found an old wooden soda bottle box at a garage sale, and each hole had tiny miniatures glued inside–I still have some of the miniatures in a box somewhere. That was, ummmm, almost 30 years ago.

  11. I love that you’re giving your little girl such fun vintage treasures for Christmas. Take THAT Lalaloopsy!

  12. I had some of these.

  13. Oh my gosh! I had that yellow mixer as a little kid, I loved that darn thing.

  14. Oh wow! I had the record player, the mixer and the food processor. They were part of my Barbie setup. It’s amazing how you totally forget things for decades and then a photo reminds you!

  15. I am CONSUMED with jealousy!!!! :o) AWESOME find!!

  16. oh! you’ve reminded me that I had a teeny tiny sewing machine back in the day, which I bet was the same one! must search my parents house for it! all the other stuff – too cool for words! lucky you!

  17. so fun! for some reason that little food processor is giving me a flashback. Not sure if I had one, but remember it.

  18. I just got that Galoob sewing machine for my Blythe!

  19. Wowww ! I had the exact same small objects when I was a kid. Really amazing … I wonder where there are now ? Last time I saw them, I was living in Tokyo … I”m putting them on my pinterest board, if you don’t mind.

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