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illustrated by Esther Friend

So cute! Love her style and those sweet faces. I think I have more books by her. I’ll have to dig them out.

8 thoughts on “illustrated by Esther Friend

  1. I love her illustrations!

  2. I just love old books. They always have the best illustrations.

  3. Vintage books rock. They are so inspiring! I want to build up a collection.
    – Sarah

  4. Super cute! Love the kids in library :’)

  5. hi can you sell a clara my daughter just got the part!

  6. What a super cute book! I love the illustrations. <3

  7. Oh- I love Esther Friend’s illustrations too. So sweet.

  8. I am concerned with how many children grew up thinking that Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, and Washington were bordered on the north by a wide open sea with sailboats and what appears to be floating evergreen trees! 🙂

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