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saved from my friend's goodwill drop off

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  1. Oh wow, I remember those weird plastic basketty storage tray thingies! Total flashback.

  2. omg, you’re kidding! these are really valuable!

  3. Great save! Phew!

  4. Lucky you! My small boy would be in toy car heaven with a gift like that.

  5. I remember matchbox cars so fondly. My brother and I would play house with the cars in this huge sandlot. I try not to think about the gender stereotypes we were using as part of this!

  6. I love the pictures with the cars in front of the books. I can’t believe your friend wanted to get rid of these toys!

  7. Wow, good save. That is a great set of cars.

  8. Wow! Amazing set of cars! They will be loved and well used.

  9. No way! These are incredible! Glad you caught them!

  10. I cannot believe you snagged that! Whoa. Those are unbelievable cars and trucks. What a save. They are valuable in so many ways. I admire your life and all you do, but now I’m jealous!

  11. This is a great score. Hours of fun ahead.

  12. Those are awesome!!

  13. O. M. G.

  14. Great find, but a bit of a shame that a charity won’t benefit from getting to sell them…

  15. It looks like there are some nice finds in that box, love the camping truck, and the flatbed. Enjoy!

  16. oh wow! good snag there.

  17. Matchbox Cars, wow!! My uncle has a massive collection of these, proudly displayed in a purpose-built cabinet. My brother and I used to have some when we were little but I’m not sure what happened to them…

  18. amazing! My grandma had a matchbox car set like this in her attic. It disappeared after she died. Ah, well.

  19. oh my goodness… are you kidding me? they were in the goodwill pile? i think my son would’ve had a heart attack!!!

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