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here we go yo

The blog tour for the book starts today! Here’s the itinerary. I’m starting today at my pal Amy’s house with a giveaway of an autographed book so head over and sign yourself up!

September 27: Angry Chicken  Interview

September 29: My Paper Crane  Review/Image Gallery

October 1: True Up  Review/Vintage Fabric Giveaway

October 4: Ohdeedoh  Review/Q + A

October 6: Inchmark  Vintage Toys

October 8: House on Hill Road  A Wee Wonderfuls Project/Q + A

October 11: ReadyMade “Make Nice” blog  Stay tuned…

October 13:  Cathy of California  Drawing Inspiration from Vintage Crafts

October 14: Handmade News and The Happy Honeybee Blog  Artisan Spotlight

October 15: SEWN  Review/Q + A

October 19: Stitch Beautifully…Tread Lightly  Review

October 20: Cute Everything  Review

October 22: Sew, Mama, Sew!  Giving Gifts the Wee Wonderfuls Way

October 25: The STC Craft blog Tour finale

17 thoughts on “here we go yo

  1. congrats again on your book, I love, love, loved it! and I just ordered a bunch of wool felt to make me some toys 🙂

  2. Congratulations. The book is ever so lovely. ~Kelly

  3. It’s a great book! I love love love that quilt! What a great idea!

  4. Looking forward to the tour! I always love to get to know you blogging geniuses a little better!
    I also love your book!

  5. That quilt is fantabulous. I’m trying to figure out how you cut out a long squiggly piece like that.

  6. How about a book signing tour? Won’t Powells pay to fly you to Portland if you sign some books for them?

  7. I love your wee wonderfuls book! I have many projects bookmarked for Christmas gift giving.
    I am in LOVE with that quilt. As a mom to boys I am always looking for cute boy things… and this quilt is fabulous! I want one immediately. lol

  8. I bought your book and I love it – I’ve made dolls from your patterns before so how could I resist a hard cover version? My girls are clamouring for all of the dolls … but which to choose first?
    Congratulations – it’s fabulous.

  9. yeah, I can’t believe I put the time in to make that quilt. so worth it though. oscar LOVED it when he was little.
    thanks for the kind words about the book 🙂

  10. well, after all those q&a’s I should be an open book! 🙂 thanks!

  11. ooh, I love ordering wool felt. where’d you get it? purl?

  12. i just picked the book up and will be including it as a option for focus friday! love it…every page.

  13. I have been following your blog through google reader for quite some time… but don’t think I’ve ever commented before. Anyhow, my mother (wisely) gave my your new book for my birthday yesterday. It was the only present that made me gasp.
    I’ve made a few softies and dolls of sorts, but am very new to the doll-making world. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to learn from you via your book. I have a little girl due in December and am so happy that her first doll will be a Wee Wonderful. Now I just have to decide which it will be!!

  14. Congratulations!! I had so much fun sewing dolls and toys for baby Phoebe when I was pregnant with her.

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