mama and me necklaces

I think I’ve given up trying to get a photo of Phoebe and I in our matching necklaces. I got them for her for her birthday and we love them so. They’re made by Kristina Klarin ( and are the most gorgeous painted beads. The colors she uses are amazing.

10 thoughts on “mama and me necklaces

  1. Jeneen says:

    Hi – Just got your new book in the mail and it is beautiful…sorry I can’t email you personally…can’t wait to start the projects!

  2. Valerie says:

    I have some similar beads my daughter painted for both of us when she was 3. They’re awesome.
    (started on the Mermaiden this afternoon–two for August-birthday nieces–and gave you good props in a review. The book is already a roaring success with my family, anyway. Good luck!)

  3. hillary says:

    hi valerie,
    I saw that! thanks so much for the kind review!! I can’t wait to hear how your mermaidens turn out. I’d love to see them when you’re finished.
    xo, hillary

  4. Brooke Miller says:

    I also got my book last week and it’s absolutely lovely. I’m going to make the dog necklace first as my 6-year-old daughter will be in heaven (such a perfect and creative idea, way to go!). Thanks so much for sharing your ideas with us in such a gorgeous format!

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