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mama and me necklaces

I think I’ve given up trying to get a photo of Phoebe and I in our matching necklaces. I got them for her for her birthday and we love them so. They’re made by Kristina Klarin ( and are the most gorgeous painted beads. The colors she uses are amazing.

10 thoughts on “mama and me necklaces

  1. Hi – Just got your new book in the mail and it is beautiful…sorry I can’t email you personally…can’t wait to start the projects!

  2. I have some similar beads my daughter painted for both of us when she was 3. They’re awesome.
    (started on the Mermaiden this afternoon–two for August-birthday nieces–and gave you good props in a review. The book is already a roaring success with my family, anyway. Good luck!)

  3. hi valerie,
    I saw that! thanks so much for the kind review!! I can’t wait to hear how your mermaidens turn out. I’d love to see them when you’re finished.
    xo, hillary

  4. hi jeneen,
    thanks! glad you’re enjoying it! let me know if you have questions with anything.
    happy sewing 🙂

  5. I also got my book last week and it’s absolutely lovely. I’m going to make the dog necklace first as my 6-year-old daughter will be in heaven (such a perfect and creative idea, way to go!). Thanks so much for sharing your ideas with us in such a gorgeous format!

  6. thanks brooke! can’t wait to hear how it goes 🙂

  7. very cool!
    hopping around to check out some older posts

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