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best mascot ever!

Look who came in the mail yesterday!! Quatchi! The cutest Olympics mascot ever. We are huge Meomi fans over here and we were so excited to see the whole gang of supercuties they designed for the games. I want them all! This guy we ordered here and, although with shipping from Canada he wasn't cheap, he was worth every penny. He's so soft and adorable and perfect. Everyone in the family is fighting for their turn for a Quatchi snuggle.

17 thoughts on “best mascot ever!

  1. He`s our fav too! We are fortunate to be in Canada so we have Quatchi bath towels, back packs, hats, and stuffies(and tons of other stuff at the stores).
    Miga is a close second here!
    I also love the story book about the characters.

  2. Quatchi is my favorite of the mascots. Very cute! Glad you found one.

  3. if you need any mascot related stuff, email me, I will go pick them up and mail them to you.

  4. Quatchi is my favourite! I got mine as a Christmas gift and he’s been great company whenever I am at the sewing machine

  5. Awww. We have Muk Muk and Suni. Likewise, if you need anything sent from Canada, I can hook you up.

  6. I <3 Quatchi the most too!!
    (he's my profile pic atm on FB.!/zreekee )
    🙂 🙂
    I got him for Christmas, and I’m holding out a faint hope I’ll get the bigger one or a keychain from friends/ contacts in Vancouver.

  7. My kids watch the Olympics with Quatchi, Suni and Miga. And then they run off and “play Olympics” with them. Super cute!

  8. hey I’m in Vancouver and ALL of the mascot stuff is 50% off here at a store called London Drugs, so if you need any more mascots, let me know, because I”m sure with the 50% off, shipping wouldn’t be so bad then! They have the 3 pack boxed set on sale for about $20/30?

  9. My 11 year old has one of these and also the little panda looking guy.

  10. Quatchi is my favourite but we have all four. Have you seen Muk Muk? He looks like a potato. Quatci, Sumi, & Miga have been to a ton of Olympic events but no Muk Muk. Maybe the Vancouver Olympic committee couldn’t find someone small enough for the costume? There was a ‘protest’ just before the scheduled appearance of the 3 mascots in downtown Vancouver the other day. People with signs and Muk Muk dolls were shouting “muk Muk #1” and “Free Muk Muk”. The crowd of 100’s laughed and cheered.

  11. yes! free muk muk!! he’s so cute. and I’ve always wanted a stuffed marmot 🙂

  12. I love him! I thought there were lots of examples of good design this year. I esp loved the opening ceremony uniforms for the American team. Those knitted hats were so cool. Sometimes they make the athletes wear the strangest things, but I thought they did well this year.

  13. OOOOhh, its very lovely!!!
    best wishes Luigi from Germany

  14. cool blog… and i love your designs in your embroidery.

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