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new to me

Tim and I always drive by estate sales and sigh a wistful sigh and then just keep driving because we have the kids in tow. That kind of sale is way too cut throat to bring a 2 and 5 year old into. But this weekend we saw one that didn't look too crowded and we were feeling brave so we stopped and I'm so glad we did.

I go through these stages where I'm all purge purge purge and all the crazy prints and non-cotton vintage fabric I've collected from thrift stores over the years — the silks and chiffons and satins and knits — all go back into the system. Then I get all panicked that if I ever want make Phoebe a silk coat or cover pillows with vintage upholstery fabric I'll have nothing and then I start grabbing it all up again.Guess what part of the cycle I'm in now.

39 thoughts on “new to me

  1. that is one incredible score, hillary!

  2. wow, so much beautiful stuff! and i definitely understand the phases… i’ve been trying to “use what i have” all year in a hopeless effort to shrink my stash… but all that trying goes away so easily when you can’t pass up a score like this one. 🙂

  3. ha – throwing it “back into the system” made me laugh. i LOVE THAT TRIM. [4th photo] oh my. i’d make something with that QUICK before your next purge! and i could swear to you that my mom made me a clown costume [in the 80’s] that had that rainbow striped fabric [2nd photo]. looks way too familiar.

  4. i love your stash of trims, too.

  5. No Lie, what a haul! I can’t believe all the trims.

  6. So jealous! Those are lovely summery prints. I haven’t lucked out with one of those sales in a while!

  7. just spent last weekend cleaning out my grandmothers forty year stash… seriously, hundreds of zippers and bias strips, looks like maybe you got friendly with someone she knew!! 🙂 god bless old crafters.

  8. major score!!! oh the possibilities!

  9. Everything is beautiful, but I especially love all that trim! The floral trim in the fourth photo is fabulous!

  10. What a great haul!!!

  11. Don’t you sometimes feel like a yo-yo? You made me laugh! I find myself in the same kinds of cycles. Maybe we can look at it as a bi-cycle and that we are actually covering some ground??? CRAFTING ground!

  12. wowee! what a haul!

  13. oooo..looks like you were the winner of some awesome stuff!! lucky day. i just love those type of days.

  14. Hee, hee, hee! Happy, happy days!
    I’m just the same – and currently in binge mode too. Someone will score big-time the next time I feel like a purge.

  15. holy crap! there is a lot of awesomeness in there.

  16. Not a bad harvest of fabric! The trim is excellent.

  17. Lucky you! So many gorgeous fabrics!!

  18. *is drooling and envious*

  19. How lucky – you really snagged a fabulous bundle of goodies!

  20. echo all the score and happenstance comments… trying not to covet your good fortune!!!
    way to go family!!!

  21. what a coup. luckeeeee.

  22. It must have been fate!
    The fat chicks just slay me! I can’t wait to see how you will use it!

  23. Whoa, JACKPOT!!!! I’m not jealous!!!! >:(
    You must have that RADAR!!

  24. Oh I love the ribbons!

  25. Lucky dog! I wish I could be that lucky!

  26. Gorgeous finds! I’ve yet to be to an estate sale, but I still have hope. One day!

  27. ohmigoodness! what awesome finds!
    I would love to visit an estate sale one fine day 😀


  29. These are amazing! I wish I could find great fabrics like that. And whenever I do, I don’t know how much to get because I don’t know what I will be making with it. Then I end up buying most of the roll, thinking that I’ll make a million things with it, and it sits on my desk for a year before one of my friends uses it on a craft day.

  30. Wow wow wow wow wow! Now I want to patchwork.

  31. Um…best ribbons/trim ever.

  32. I’m in awe. All this wonderful treasure was at one estate sale????

  33. OOOOOOoooooooo….trying not to drool! What a wonderful new bit of stash you’ve got there!
    I’m in the process of moving and I can tell you right now that I don’t care how much or how heavy that fabric stash is, I’m not giving it away!!!

  34. Very jealous! I picked up a little toddler blouse at a thrift store awhile ago which I’m pretty sure is the exact same print as that red floral int the last picture of your post. I love it!

  35. I have the plump chicks in a red and blue colorway. It is possibly my favorite fabric ever, and so therefore I can never use it. (You know?) I think about getting it reproduced on Spoonflower.

  36. I am in the same cycle and LOVE your fabric and trim finds, they are fabulous!

  37. Oh wow! I tend not to stop at estate sales because I would blow all my money on beautiful things! I also find them a little sad, when there is no one in the person`s family who wants their treasures. But then I feel better knowing that someone who really wants them will get them!

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