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fq’s and a boy!

When Kristin at Sew Mama Sew asked me to do a fat quarter pack for them I was so so excited. I’ve realized that this just might be my favorite thing to do – putting together piles of fabric! Of course this is a virtual pile but it was just as fun. I so love making project piles… picking colors, matching up prints, imagining how it’ll all go together. I think I may need to revise my career goals with this in mind. Thanks so much Kristin for the opportunity!

They posted my picks yesterday and you can see them here. I fell in love with those tiny elephants and went from there. You can leave a comment over at SMS to enter the giveaway to get a pack for free.

And an update on the baby quilt plan… we now know it’s a boy! We’re expecting a nephew in November. I can’t wait to get my pack so I can start on a cutie boy baby quilt for him. I’m reading the comments over on the giveaway post looking for good pattern ideas and there are a bunch. Maybe some fellow fq packers will want to do a quilt along with me? I’ve never done one and think it’d be so fun.

23 thoughts on “fq’s and a boy!

  1. I love those little elephants!

  2. Love your pick!!! For a sec there I thought you were pregnant! (with that first line of the last paragraph hahaha….

  3. Those fabrics are adorable! If I weren’t in the process of making TWO wedding quilts (for two of my kids getting married this summer!) I’d love to quilt along!
    Who wouldn’t? Except me 🙂

  4. Darling FQ! Love it. I have made fat quarter quilts and it’s one of my fave things to do. I’d love to make one along with you!!!
    Deborah at DebzTalkin

  5. Oh, and these fabrics would make the cutest aprons, too!!!

  6. i ADORE all these fabrics together, and i am with you…. picking and mixing and matching is my FAVORITE!!!

  7. I entered the giveaway at SMS — the fabrics are terrific. I’m expecting my first in December, and while we haven’t gotten anything other than brainstorming done for nursery-design, these fabrics definitely work with the brainstorming we’ve done. I’m interested in a quilt-along, although I’m extremely novice!

  8. wow…those fabrics and colors are magically delicious. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. and congrats on the nephew! i can’t wait to see what you make with the fabric.

  9. Yay! I just bought a set of the fat quarters you picked out. I’m going to make a picnic blanket.

  10. quilt along?….i would love to!! the fat quarters are sooo cute. wish i had that kind of groupings to pick from.

  11. Yippee! I got myself one of your packs. I’ll quilt along, sounds like fun!

  12. Love it! Ahhh I especially love the Katie Jump Rope you included. Well done!

  13. Woo-hoo! I’ve been planning a quilt for my son but picking fabrics is the hardest part for me. Your combo is perfect! Thanks for doing all the hard work for me. I’d love to join you in a quilt along.

  14. I saw this over at Sew, and I just love the fabrics you picked out. I was laughing because it has so much in common with a baby quilt I’m going to start making for a friend. Great inspiration, as always!

  15. I know that comments are closed for your invitation to help with pattern testing, but I would really really like to help. I have a 8 month old, and was really looking forward to my year at home with my son as well as having more time to sew. Well, as it turned out, I had to keep working until this month. But, now I am completely free of responsibilities outside of the home for the next while, and I am itching to try out some of your stuff. Please consider me for your pattern testing!

  16. You just amaze me with your visual eye for color and design. These fabrics and colors are so cute and yummy. I hope the person who wins this will show us the finished product. i might have to buy the fabrics myself and make something. You are such an inspiration!!!

  17. The elephant print is very cute, and I love the yellow floral to it’s right. You did a great job of combining color and print – I love it!

  18. I love the fabrics you chose for the fat quarter pack, too bad I didn’t win them. 🙂 I’m expecting a baby boy in October and would love to do a quilt-a-long or project-a long.
    By the way, I have a little girl about Phoebe’s age (my daughter was born Sept 2007). I love all of the clothes you make for her, wish I had that kind of talent.

  19. This is a great little pattern that I’ve made before. It’s super easy, with only nine pieces to make the top. It yields two quilts, but you don’t have to make two (convenient for twins though!). The large scale of the pieces lets the fabric shine!

  20. Another great finished here huh! So adorable and would be a nice gift to give to our special loved ones especially for the coming cutie pie by November.

  21. this group hurts. so very very good.

  22. i LOVE your selections! makes me want to sew. 🙂

  23. Great combo. Love the plaid & apples.

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