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when does this stagecoach arrive in san francisco?

I have some serious haberdashering to do.

9 thoughts on “when does this stagecoach arrive in san francisco?

  1. That made me giggle 🙂

  2. so cute 🙂 i’m not sure when the stagecoach comes in, but i do know that the ferry leaves for the city several times a day! (p.s. i’d love to meet you there someday if you’re really in the area!)

  3. I love this photograph!

  4. Oh my! She is keeping her eyes open! Very sweet!

  5. She’s adorable. Please Lord, just don’t let it be 1906! Hey, I know, it’s 1905 and she’s stopping over in San Francisco to take the Big Steam ship to Seattle.

  6. Keep her away from the highwaymen, she’s just too pretty!

  7. LOL! she’s one pretty dame! lovely!!! 😀

  8. She’s beauuutiful! So that took a really long time, huh? Seems like. Can we see her hair again?

  9. My Darling Clementine

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