inspiring me: new books

Santa brought us some wonderful new childrens books that I’ve been wanting to post for a while now. I’m going to start a list of favorites over on our new second sidebar, which is in the works. Here are some now while I wait…

When You Were Small is one of our all time favorites so I was so excited to get Where You Came From for Oscar this year and it does not disappoint. It’s so cute and clever and Julie Morstad’s illustrations are just gorgeous.

Mix and Match Animals by Mique Moriuchi is so fuzzy and so so cute! Phoebe loves it. She’s obsessed with all the fuzzy feely flippy types of books. We both love flipping through to find our favorite animals mixes. And I so want to make a bippy or a squitten.

And lastly for today, these books by Utaka Yamada, who btw designs adorable fabric for Kokka, were a gift from Santa Julia. They’re killing me with their cute. Thanks Julia! We love any excuse to use our fake french accents.

here is the bus of bunny friends

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