44 thoughts on “Gum-Drop

  1. carol says:

    Response to your creation:
    Penny: Oh my gosh, come here Ellie you need to see this doll!
    Ellie: Wow- that is SOOOO CUUUTTTe!
    Penny: I know- I was FREAKING out when I saw it too!
    Me: I was too.

  2. georgia says:

    I love your Sugarplum Fairies to bis! as always, you manage to come up with the *best* hair-do’s.
    Lovely, lovely.

  3. leslie says:

    so sweet, the name is great too. we saw a blue eyed puppy at the kennel yesterday named jelly bean, she was the sweetest ( i resisted bringing her home). gum drop just reminded me of that!

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