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the baby’s room

Well.. it’s June! Junebaby’s month. Actually she’s due to arrive in less than a week. And while she probably won’t be sleeping in this room for months I’ve been trying to finish up the nursery before she arrives. I still have a few more projects I wanted to get to. I really want a shaker peg board and the hunt continues for the perfect mid-century rocking chair. And we definitely need a little chair-side table of some sort. I was going to head to the antique mall today to see what all I could find but after being woken up last night by something suspiciously contraction-like I’m calling it. Finished! for now…

Here’s the finished doll quilt wall. I love it so. It turned out so much cooler than I ever imagined. I’m very tempted to cover the entire house in tiny little textiles. Or maybe I just want to cover the whole house in wood paneling and then paint it over in Benjamin Moore’s Popcorn Kernal because this soft yellow makes me so dang happy. To hang the quilts I used tiny little tack nails and then either nailed them right through the quilt (hidden in the binding corners) or I sewed little loops of floss on the back of the corners and hung them on the tacks (thanks amy for the idea!).

More quilt wall pics here.

Here’s the crib all decked out in its hand-me-down bedding…the pink dot bedding from dwellbaby! My friend Cindy had a girl when I had Oscar and man how jealous I was that she got pink dots.

Here’s a close up of the quilt that’s hanging on the crib. It’s a side of that same thrifted cutter quilt I used to make the house doll quilt. It’s purely decorative, I just sewed it together over the edge of the crib with a few stitches. Since these kids can’t have covers for a year anyway I thought it was a perfect solution.

This vintage mobile is one of my most favorite things in the nursery. A thrift store find from Lisa and Stephanie, it’s just the cutest thing, the perfect colors and it still works. I love it! Thanks girls πŸ™‚ xo

We bought Junebaby some new Ikea shelves to store all her treasures. I’ve been going a little ebay crazy and they’ll be jammed full of crap very soon. Right now they’re all organized and pretty with some of my favorite things like… my gorgeous birthday gift from Amy smartypants who knew I was having a girl before I did. And look how cute it is next to these perfect little booties I bought from Catarina.

The new baby book and photo album by Hello! Lucky, my treasured Loobylu kitty doll, my new favorite perfectly round tomato doll and some favorite books

The first doll I made for her, pink baby (the sister to Oscar’s blue baby), a new Haba rattle I couldn’t resist, yellow pocketbook and vintage puzzle that we had up in Oscar’s room too.

Here are some of Junebaby’s new dolly friends.

And finally some more fun mail I just received… curtain tie backs from Morgan. I love these funny little guys… they’re salmon and gold and folky… perfect!

Later this week… Oscar’s new room, otherwise known as “babies don’t like green!”

102 thoughts on “the baby’s room

  1. That is the most lovely nursery I have ever seen. Those quilts are little works of art. I can see why you’d like to have them all over the house! πŸ™‚

  2. Oh how sweet. How lucky for you. Best wishes on the birth of Junebaby.

  3. Love it!!!

  4. Oh! You! The room is such a dream! I am infinitely jealous of your ability to put it all together. The quilt wall is amazing (can I come with any more words?)! I must admit since you first posted about doll quilts, I have been scouting them out and I’ve made a couple myself–a great way to practice better piecing!
    Love it all!

  5. The room looks fantastic! My husband and I just painted over the wood paneling in our family room with a linen white color and it looks a hundred times better than it did. I love your doll quilt idea so much for the wall, I may just do the same! The nursery looks great!

  6. It’s gorgeous Hilary. How special to have you r new little girl wrapped in the warmth of all the love that went into that room.

  7. that is the cutest room ever! well done!

  8. It’s gorgeous! I want to decorate a nursery! πŸ˜‰

  9. The yellow on the walls really does compliment all those quilts beautifully. And I must have missed that “first doll” you made for Junebaby. She is precious. Wishing you a smooth and relatively pleasant delivery! πŸ˜‰

  10. It is lovely, Hillary. I hope the impending labor and delivery are as smooth as silk for you and the new wee one.

  11. You have created a truly lovely nursery. I love the mobile too. What a fantastic room to bring your new baby girl home to.

  12. Oh, that room is amazing! I wish I had a little girl. (I have two little boys instead)
    If you want to kick start your labor, try these cookies, they got me going!

  13. It’s positively adorable, your little girl is already spoiled, good for you!!

  14. oh my oh my oh my!

  15. That is the perfect baby room right out of a magazine!
    You did a great, great, GREAT job!

  16. Junebaby’s nursery is just beautiful! I know she will enjoy growing up there. You are getting so many beautiful gifts. There are just so many talented crafters out there!

  17. Oh I just love that room. You did such an awesome job. This baby is going to love her new room. Enjoy those last few days before the baby comes. Then enjoy those sweet moments with a tiny new baby.

  18. Oh, my, goodnessgraciousme. It’s absolutely perfect.

  19. So, so pretty.

  20. oh no, oscar i’m shattered – my friend is expecting a baby this month (sex unknown) and everything i have made is … GREEN πŸ™ should have listened to you eh!
    all the best for junebaby and family!

  21. Awwwwww…. it turned out so CUTE! The quilt wall is such a great idea, in fact everything in the room is just perfect.
    I especially love the mobile, it is similar to the one I had a zillion years ago on Katy’s crib. When she outgrew it, I saved the little figures and they morphed into treasured ornaments for our Christmas tree.
    Enjoy your little one!

  22. So beautiful. I LOOOOVE the doll quilt wall. Just amazing.

  23. Perfect! Amelia has that same haba rattle – it’s her absolute favorite.

  24. I thought you were due a little later … did they move the date up on you? Well now that I’m late, and you’ve had a contraction, it’s a race to the finish!
    The nursery is just awesome. Very relaxing.

  25. It looks fantastic! Love that wall o’ doll quilts. And the shelves… Oh it is all so lovely! What a happy place for a baby!

  26. The most perfect nursery ever…

  27. Her room is just stunning. I can’t wait till we have a house and I can decorate a real nursery for my babes.

  28. Perfect nursery. Perfect!

  29. We have a similar room in our house that will someday hold a baby. I guess I better get started on my quilt wall. πŸ˜‰ This will be a lovely room for your whole family.

  30. An absolutely beautiful nursery. I’m sure you’ll all enjoy spending lots of time in there!

  31. The quilt wall is too wonderful for words, really. That is one lucky baby!

  32. Hillary…it is so beautiful.
    The “Milk” editors and photographers are going to be knocking down your door any moment now.
    Am I a wierdo that this is makes-me-want-to-cry lovely?
    Happy trails, Junebaby & Junemama.
    PS: Do you have the most recent Milk? The one with the antler boy on the cover? I mysteriously got an extra in the mail, and thought I might send it along with some other little presents that I alluded to like 2 months ago…

  33. Oh, so lovely! Love the wall color, love the quilts. My daughter has that same tall Ikea bookshelf, but yours is so pretty & tidy, whilst hers is crammed with odd-sized books and all things Disney Princess.
    I hope JuneBaby will hang in there long enough so that we can see Oliver’s room. Sounds like you better start that new post pretty quickly!

  34. it looks amazing!!
    practically perfect in every way – and just in time!
    good luck!

  35. Wow. That looks wonderful. I was just floored by that first picture – the quilt wall looks better than I had pictured. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you and Junebaby (who’s right around the corner!).

  36. You are certainly ready. It looks just wonderful!
    P.S. Did you remember to buy some diapers, etc.?

  37. that is lovely. that yellow is my favorite ever. I just told Aaron last night that we are painting every room in our next house yellow. And 3 of the 5 rooms in the house we have now.
    I want to live in that nursery!

  38. Wow Hillary. It all looks amazing. You must be thrilled with how it’s turned out! A perfectly creative and inspiring room for little Junebaby to grow up in.
    Less than a week to go? It’s hard to believe. Can’t wait for the big announcement.
    Good luck!
    Georgia x

  39. Delurking again to say that you can get a really nice pegboard with a panel to frame fabric in it here..
    no affiliation! πŸ™‚
    Nursery looks lovely.

  40. Wow! I knew the quilt wall would turn out amazing from the start, but I never would have imagined it to look this wonderful! I love your mix of modern and vintage – so fresh.

  41. The nursery is beautiful! You’ve done a great job!
    I wish you all the best and a tiny hour waiting for sweet Junebaby*

  42. I love it! I wish i lived at your house so you could make me a pretty room like that =] And thoose cute little fellows in the middle shelf to the right…my mom has thoose folks! Once again i just lovvvvvee the colors, nice and soft but just a few brights mixed in, gorgeous. You know how gorgeous is defined? “beautiful; very attractive : gorgeous colors and exquisite decoration.” Yes my friend, that is your room. I cant wait to see Oscars!

  43. it is so cute, hillary! perfect!

  44. All the quilts together make quite a statement! I love it!

  45. How exciting and nice to have a little girl. I have one of each and I must say that I loved decorating my daughter’s bedroom when she was tiny too, and buying such sweet treasures. The nursery looks wonderful and I am sure you will spend many hours in there having fun with her too. Everything is so cute and sweet, and I wish you well for your delivery too. Good luck!!!

  46. So pretty! I just couldn’t resist putting a little blip on my blog with a link. Hope you don’t mind.

  47. what a room…. wow. congrats. i can’t believe you and amy are both due so soon. where did all the time go???????

  48. Gorgeous! I love the yellow, it’s such a happy color. (And the quilt wall is so perfect!)

  49. I had the same mobile back in 1973, and now the little figures are on our Christmas tree every year. Looks great in your beautiful room!

  50. Absolutely lovely… but whatever happened to the quilt from Caron?

  51. Wow, wow, wow! So beautiful! Your doll quilt wall is really lovely. You have a great eye for detail; it shows throughout your daughter’s room. How inspiring!
    Best of luck in the coming days! I am very excited for you.

  52. oh man!! please print all this now to put in her babybook-it’s amazing (and might look different in a few months-ha!)
    it warms my heart-such lovely things in there for a lovely girl coming into a lovely family. now please rest. you deserve it.

  53. This is so phenomenal. Lovely. Simple. Simply lovely.
    Have you considered the possiblity of quilts lower to the floor being ripped down when Junebaby is a bit older? How did you affix them?
    Anyway, it is beautiful. Good work. Now put your feet up and wait. We are excited to hear about your little one’s arrival.

  54. Ohhhhh, I could just gaze at that wall for hours!!!!

  55. The quilts! Amazing, enchanting and beautiful! I hope you’re sleeping, though, momma. You’ve got a big job ahead of you. Go take a nap!

  56. YES YES YES YES YES. All exactly wonderfully dreamily right, just completely right.
    Totally. Nailed it.

  57. This looks even better than the original photo that inspired it. Love that yellow paint, too.

  58. Can I have another girl baby so I can do up a nursery like this one?! It is adorable and I love the perfect touches of red in the room with the yellows and pinks. So nice to know that it will stay looking this cute when the baby is tiny and immobile – not like my crawling one year old, pulling everything off of the bookshelves!
    Just adorable!

  59. what a beautiful nursery!

  60. this little room is like a dream! every detail is perfect. now you can sit down and enjoy it till june baby comes.

  61. the whole thing looks amazing. i am so excited for you!!!

  62. What a lovely room. The wall of quilts is fabulous. And so many other fun details. Something interesting to look at from every angle! Lucky Junebaby.
    I’m so jealous. My daughter is nearly 11 months old and her room is still waiting for the floor to be put down so that we can assemble furniture. (It has been painted though — also yellow.) Just as well we were expecting to have her in with us for a while…

  63. Everything looks lovely and cheerful. I so love your taste in colours, I think you ought to make a book on decorating children’s rooms.
    Good luck with everything these next few weeks!

  64. The quilts look so beautiful! And that is the perfect shade of yellow for a baby’s room!Totally enjoyable!!

  65. The quilt wall is amazing and glorious! What a lucky little girl!

  66. GADS! The quilt wall is so darling. Junebaby is never gonna want to leave that room!

  67. Could you adopt me so I can sleep in this beautiful room? This is going to be one happy little girl :o)

  68. It is all so lovely. Just wanted to say how much I love your blog and to send all my best wishes for the upcoming Junebaby.

  69. Those tiebacks! Those quilts! Everything! So adorable!!

  70. The nursery is gorgeous and now I want to go and load a wall with tiny quilts! My husband would kill me but you have definitely outdone yourself!!! Take care of yourself and take a much needed break. Thanks for sharing all of the pics.

  71. gorgeous! the quilt wall is the perfect sampler of color and pattern. I wonder how you decided on the layout…that would’ve taken me forever!

  72. You must have had a lot of quilts left over! I can’t wait to see what special project you have for those. Or will they actually be play quilts for junebaby’s dollies?

  73. June Baby is one very very lucky lady.

  74. The quilt wall is fantastic! The nursery is beautiful! Thank you and best wishes!

  75. What a wonderful welcome for Junebaby!

  76. What a fabulous room for the new little one about to bless the world!

  77. My baby boy is due in July I don’t suppose there is time to make a boy version of this most adorable room ??

  78. Everything is adorable and the quilt wall is such a wonderful treat. I am also green with envy over the booties you received from Catarina. I must make a pair!

  79. Everything is so charming and precious Hilary, a sweet and perfect Welcome for the arrival of little Miss Junebaby.

  80. What a great room.

  81. That room is total perfection…

  82. I am 28 and that is the same mobile that my mother had hanging over my crib. It cycled through 5 kids (me being #3) and finally my youngest brother – taller than any 18 month old I’d ever seen – grabbed and broke it to bits.
    The little figures now hang on my mother’s Christmas tree each year. She painted our names on the little feet because she wants each of us to get a little piece of the beloved mobile when she passes.
    Lil’ Junebaby is a lucky one. I’ve never had a room that put together. πŸ™‚
    Congrats and GOOD LUCK!

  83. Your Junebaby’s nursery is GORGEOUS! I love that yellow wall with all those wonderful quilts. You did a GREAT job! I can’t wait to see Junebaby … and Oscar’s new room. Take care!

  84. The quilt wall turned out beautifully! What a darling idea! Little Junebaby will grow up surrounded by crafty inspiration. πŸ™‚

  85. How adorable – I hate to sound redundant, but I want to add my best wishes to you as you welcome your precious Junebaby to the world.

  86. She’s going to love it

  87. redundant I know, but what a gorgeous wall, and room! I swear this could be right out of a magazine πŸ˜‰ You have one lucky baby girl on the way!

  88. I discovered your blog around the time you announced your quilt wall idea for Junebaby’s room and I’ve been dying to see the results!! I want a baby so I can do this! I LOVE those doll quilts! Congratulations!

  89. …you really do magic!
    (and i’m so happy to see the baby shoes there – thank you!)

  90. everything is heaven! congratulations on so much hard work:)

  91. Wow, with a room like that, Junebaby will grow up to be a crafter of some sort! The color makes me very happy too! πŸ™‚

  92. That quilt wall turned out soooo amazing. So cozy, happy, girly, perfect. I over the moon about it. And I see above that your new girl is here — a wonderful wee one! Congratulations.

  93. breathtakingly beautiful. and Congratulations!

  94. I jumped here from a link in someone else’s blog, and just have to say, that is the most adorable baby’s room I have ever seen. What a lucky baby!

  95. Incredible! I saw Posie’s great mini quilt and came to see your Gallery of Mini Quilts in the Baby’s room!
    You are giving me BABY FEVER with all these great pictures! Your Wee Little Wonderful is even more wonderful than her room.
    Congratulations and God’s Best for you and your family! Looking forward to lots and lots of pictures!
    “e-Aunt” Penny

  96. Such a sweet little room, you’re never going to want to leave your cute house!

  97. Very cute nursery!
    I have the Hello Baby! books too! I can’t wait to fill them in. πŸ™‚
    Your new baby is adorable. πŸ™‚

  98. Nice room… Do you recall the color code of the yellow you painted the walls?

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