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there’ll be much mistletoeing

Ok then. That cooking/football/shopping gateway holiday is over and it’s time to move on to the hardcore holiday stuff!

Christmas trains

Holiday freebies (coming soon)

29 thoughts on “there’ll be much mistletoeing

  1. The embroidery design is so cute!! I just love the little details you included in it. Your adorable designs have inspired me to try embroidery again, something I enjoyed doing but haven’t really done much with it in the past few years!

  2. Yippeeee!!! My boys are going to LOVE the Spaceboy! My daughter will be getting an Olive for Christmas and I was so hoping I’d be able to make the boys a new friend too! We’ve already started on the ornaments from Cutting Edge to give to preschool teachers…your designs are the cutest ever!!!

  3. LOL, “gateway holiday”. I pretty much ignore Thanksgiving. Sad but true. I just dont have the time to do three big holidays in a row these days.

  4. I LOVE the Freebie Stichette!!!!!

  5. The Freebie is sooooo cute! Simply lovely!

  6. OOOH, I love the Holiday Freebie. Where can I find it on the site ?
    Thanks 🙂

  7. Cute elf girl! Very Lois Lenski-ish!

  8. I love the red elf. Fantastic!

  9. Ooh yay!! That will be my token Cyber Monday purchase. (I almost didn’t have any online shopping to do on THE big day; that was a close one!)

  10. That embroidery is adorable!

  11. That elf is so cute! I see stocking in our future, bearing that cutie!

  12. love the girlie elf! too cute!

  13. She’s a great elf, what a nice Christmas gift for us! Thanks.

  14. The embroidery is gorgeous !
    Where was the Christmas Train picture taken ? It looks fantastic 🙂
    Can’t wait to see the Robot and Spaceboy put together book.

  15. thanks, i love it!!

  16. The freebie is awesome! You are awesome! Just reading your blog makes my day I swear hahaha 🙂

  17. Trains: my little Henry is OBSESSED. I adore that photo of your sweet one!

  18. oh, pleeeease, can I put my credit card number here to reserve my spaceboy/robot book???

  19. Yes!!! I am a happy camper about your new robot!! Can’t wait!! I will be camped outside you store so that I can get my pattern!!! I’ll make sure to bring enough hot chocolate and cookies for everyone!!

  20. Oh! She is so beautiful! I can’t wait. 🙂

  21. I love the stitchery elf! Can’t wait for the doll patterns. Thank you!

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  23. oh my, that is THE *perfect elf* 🙂

  24. wow-she is so flipping cute! she even has her own dolly. I heart her. thank you!

  25. Hillary- can you tell me where you purchased your train set?

  26. Oh! You just reminded me of the Aunt Martha’s embroidery transfer pattern envelope I just HAD to buy last December. It’s the complete antithesis of your sweet Stitchete elf here. The elves in the packet I bought are kind of evil and coniving looking, unintentionally I believe. I thought it would make a funny gift, either embroidered, or just the pattern itself, for just the right person.

  27. Ooooooh!
    I cant wait for the freebee!

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