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thank you!

Hey holiday crafters! Thank you so much for the put-together book orders over the past 2 days!! I can’t wait to see all the amazing robots you guys come up with and craft vicariously through you. Tim and I are always so excited about our little self-publishing projects and we’re so grateful and thrilled (and relieved!) when people are excited about them too.

Speaking of Tim, I always assume it goes without saying, but maybe it doesn’t, he is, of course, the one who did the Spaceboy & Robot’s booklet cover design. I love it so much! We were under such a tight deadline this time, trying to get it out by Christmas. I assigned him covers and started working on patterns and instructions and I swear he did this thing in one night. He’s a star.

Here’s the new thank you card that’s going out with orders. Miss Hobbibot is very excited about her new role as ambassador of gratitude.

In shipping news, the first batch of orders went out this morning and the rest should be out by this afternoon. And now for a public service announcement: I ran into a problem with the orders that I wanted to let you all know about because I know a lot of you are selling things online and using paypal. I always track my orders from the email notifications that paypal sends me. Starting Monday, emails from paypal have been going missing. This has never happened with me and paypal before and I’ve been using it for forever. I called them and they said that “email notifications are not guaranteed”. ok, swell. I’m guessing it’s the holiday surge. I had to go through every transaction in paypal for the last week or so and double check to make sure I’d caught it. That’s how I noticed it just started on Monday. There were quite a few that hadn’t made it into my inbox and it appears to be getting worse as the days go on. So, if you’re using paypal and relying on the emails, guess that’s not the best way to go. And please do not worry, you don’t need to email me to check that I got your order, I’ve been through it a 100 times and I’ve got everyone.

Paypal will not ruin our plans for robot domination!

26 thoughts on “thank you!

  1. The two of you are so freakin talented it kills me. I can’t wait to start sewing robots.

  2. Tim is a super star… you guys are quite the team. Robot domination seems just around the corner with the two of you at the helm 🙂
    And I noticed that, too, about Paypal…very annoying!

  3. alot of my paypal notifications get filtered out by my server as junk mail before they even make it to MY junk mail folder.
    I have to check my web-based, direct server email to retrieve them now. YOu could ask your email host about it.

  4. Hillary and Tim I am so glad you two found each other. Can’t imagine the world without this dynamic duo. Merry Robots to you.

  5. I am taking my stitchettes to my Mom’s in Augusta when I go visit next week- It will make the time pass during my Dad’s long and winding Grandpa stories (Mom rolls eyes as he recounts his days in Viet Nam or on leave in Greece circa 1957) we think he may have been the inspiration for the Simpson’s own Abe, it’s hard to document, but we know it’s true! Just wanted to say thanks for a Wee Wonderous Year! Happy Holidays!

  6. I think Paypal’s got some email problems in general. I couldn’t log in yesterday so I thought I’d forgotten my password (although I typed in every password I use) and went through the rigamorole of requesting to change my password…and never got the email. No Paypal for me until I figure it out, I guess!

  7. three cheers for tim!

  8. domo arigato!? you all are geniuses!so nice to see miss hobbibot again.
    and the paypal thing-you rock for posting about this, it’s been happening to me too, but only sometimes, and I couldn’t figure out if it was e-mail or paypal. .

  9. oh, my goodness that card is amazing.

  10. i heart that thank-you card!
    you & tim are truly the dynamic duo… the cover of the put-together book truly does justice to the fabulousness of the designs.

  11. Thank you for the awesome book, I’m sure. And thanks Tim too!

  12. You guys are amazing. You’re really inspiring me to try and create some softie designs of my own (well, after being inspired by seeing stuff on the telly). Since I have no experience, this could be interesting.

  13. Your stuff is just CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!!

  14. My summer stitchettes arrived yesterday – hurrah! Perfect timing too, as summer oficially starts in Australia tomorrow. 😉

  15. I’ve had some paypal emails go awol too..
    it must just be wonky this time of year.
    I’m so thrilled about the new patterns..!! thanks!

  16. Hi Hillary, I just finished making a pillowcase apron for my MIL from your pattern in The Crafter’s Companion (and your ornaments from Cutting Edge for her too!), and I wanted to say thank you. I was at my wit’s end trying to decide what to make for her for Christmas, and always, your patterns were easy to follow and the results were beautiful. Thank you!

  17. go Tim! you both are amazing!

  18. How irritating about that PayPal thing. I didn’t get an email notification for an order back in September and boy was I embarassed when the buyer emailed asking where her stuff was. I can imagine how you went over and over the transactions to double check everything. I’m the exact same way! It’s a good heads up for watching over transactions during this busy season.
    Oh yes, and please tell TIm that he ROCKs! Great design work as always. 😉

  19. Yay! I’m keeping my eyes peeled for my booklet in the mail! I’m expecting a boy in March so he’ll have some robot friends waiting for him =) (Somehow I think me and the hubby will be more entertained by them for a while but I couldn’t pass those patterns up)! Thank you for making boy related patterns. Keep up the great work and happy holidays! =)

  20. tim did an excellent job! it looks so awesome, and i love that you include those cute thank you cards too…
    i actually have had problems with the paypal notifications before, that is partly why i switched over to a cart system, since it always tells me…but what a pain for you!
    (((here are some happy good vibes for your notificatons!)))
    ♥ teresa

  21. You’re right about paypal. The same thing happened to me this week! I kept waiting and waiting for the payment e-mail to come from a woman who said she sent it and I logged in my paypal to check some things and voila! She had sent it but no e-mail. Weird! It was the first time it’s ever happened to me.

  22. Love the cover, Tim!

  23. Tim did an awesome job on the cover, it really jumps out at you. Good job Tim!

  24. Love the ornaments. You guys are a great team! Thank you!

  25. Got mine today – a couple of new babies have robots in their future… so cute!

  26. thank you, back, Hillary! I just posted my spaceboy–happy birthday to your big boy!

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