so tiny

am I having a baby? no. are they for maggie? no. they are just because I had to have them. the most delicate, tiny, beautiful and meticulously made baby shoes ever. from catarina m.

stalk her etsy. get your own little works of art to gaze at wistfully. but be wary, if you sew, her workmanship is humbling.

more photos of her amazing work here.

33 thoughts on “so tiny

  1. fabienne says:

    quel talent!!! c’est magnifique et encore je ne sais si aucun mot ne peux traduire autant de beauté. C’est très rafiné. Bravo, wonderfull, gorgeous…

  2. Mama Urchin says:

    If anybody out there thinks Hilary has gone off the deep end you might want to reserve judgement until you’ve held a pair of Catarina’s baby shoes in your hands. Put them on baby feet and expect to be smitten.

  3. Fabienne says:

    C’est juste, je viens de relire, mon anglais n’est pas terrible. Mais, je comprends cet achat, moi aussi, il m’arrive d’acheter un accessoire pour enfant, quand c’est craquant…

  4. QueenK says:

    Carol – I can’t agree more! My womb lurched when I saw these!! I go back and forth on whether to have kids (kinda missing that all-important partner too…) but how can one NOT when there are such darling things to dress them up in?

  5. catarina m. says:

    …Hillary, what shall I say more? Do my work deserve so much attention and kind words? I don’t know. But I it’s good to know that you think so. You’re, really, to good to be true…
    …and thank you all! I never expected that my work could be received in such a warmess way. (and I’m sorry that my shop is…well…empty, for the moment)

  6. Stephanie Cullison says:

    I have seen those itty bitty shoes before because of your blog. ACK! The cuteness kills me. My little guys is just starting to walk and would wear right through those precious soles…..thank goodness for that or I would have to get some. They are simply divine. You are a lucky girl!

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