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Hon no Hon

I just got a belated Mother’s Day present last week from my Mom.  Hon no Hon or Book of Imaginary Books by Junzo Terada. I’ve been wanting it since I spotted it on Last Gasp so my Mom ordered it for me and it was backordered and just came in. So worth the wait, it is the most beautiful book. I look through it everyday. The colors are addictive.

Jennifer in Japan clarifed that it is actually a book of book covers for imaginary books. So I guess there really is no The Octopus and the Drum. too bad!

Now I need just about every single thing at the Comes Mart (link via my little mochi) especially the polar bear & panda fabric!

12 thoughts on “Hon no Hon

  1. oh my, the illustration is just stunning! i can see why you look at it everyday, i think i will look at this post everyday…

  2. thanks for charing these pics!

  3. wow, those are amazing. i love the colors.

  4. That book looks amazing!! Those colors are so gorgeous!! Now, I really want it!

  5. Just cuz the stories don’t exist doesn’t mean you can’t write/tell them!

  6. its beautiful!

  7. I don’t know whether I love the book illos or the fabric in that link more! Good stuff!

  8. Wow! You have the best Mom ever! Gotta add that one to my never ending list of books to get.

  9. Oh, so beautiful. Can we order from this place in the U.S.? I can’t tell!

  10. Hi!
    It’s one of my favourite Japanes books too…The titles are in French, but you can see it’s translated from Japanese…Most of the time that “lost in translation” touch gives an extra cuteness to the titles. Adorable!
    I’m pleased you liked it. 🙂

  11. Those illustrations look so good, I love the colors!

  12. I might have to order this myself! Images look so cute.

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