Country of Origin: JP

I’ve received some of the most exciting mail lately – mail from Japan!! First I got a package of fabric that Jen in Tokyo helped me order. I chose the small cuts (30×54 cm) so I could get more patterns. Each piece should be enough for a doll dress or softies. Thanks so much Jen for helping me feed my fabric addiction! xx

The mail also brought me a package of Japanese goodies from a swap with Molly. Candy, stationary, a zakka book, Decole goodies (!!) and some beautiful fabric. Thank you so much for the swap Molly!

18 thoughts on “Country of Origin: JP

  1. Kim says:

    Some of those prints are being sold in the U.S. right now by Robert Kaufman — I just got them through Hancock’s of Paducah. So now you can have MORE!

  2. Mariko says:

    I almost can’t even come to your blog anymore. It’s just TOO MUCH. SO MUCH GOODNESS. By the way, I have those little seals/stickers, and I love them so much I cannot bear to use them.

  3. Jennifer says:

    So glad that you liked those fabrics, Hillary. You picked good ones! Aren’t the textures on some of them great? Not your average cottons.

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