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Country of Origin: JP

I’ve received some of the most exciting mail lately – mail from Japan!! First I got a package of fabric that Jen in Tokyo helped me order. I chose the small cuts (30×54 cm) so I could get more patterns. Each piece should be enough for a doll dress or softies. Thanks so much Jen for helping me feed my fabric addiction! xx

The mail also brought me a package of Japanese goodies from a swap with Molly. Candy, stationary, a zakka book, Decole goodies (!!) and some beautiful fabric. Thank you so much for the swap Molly!

18 thoughts on “Country of Origin: JP

  1. uh oh!!!! that is not the end i was expecting to this post!!! hope it recovers!!

  2. Some of those prints are being sold in the U.S. right now by Robert Kaufman — I just got them through Hancock’s of Paducah. So now you can have MORE!

  3. Yay, I’m glad you liked it! Can’t wait to see what you make with all that new fabric.

  4. ooooooooo…cuteness overload! :o)

  5. im so envious of your lovely japanese fabrics! im sure you will put them to good use once your machine gets better!

  6. Hope your machine gets better! But great packages from Japan – love the fabrics.

  7. i’m so jealous.
    good for you though…

  8. i’m sorry about your machine. when my printer is acting up I about go crazy! productive time is precious for us mamas.

  9. Is there any place in the U.S. that sells the decole stuff? It is soo good looking!

  10. Damn! That is some awesome mail from Japan. 😉
    Hope you can get the sewing machine up and operating.

  11. oooohhh, I wish I could open mail at your house. Only bills get sent to our address.

  12. I almost can’t even come to your blog anymore. It’s just TOO MUCH. SO MUCH GOODNESS. By the way, I have those little seals/stickers, and I love them so much I cannot bear to use them.

  13. Such fabulous stuff!!! I have that craft book- It’s awesome! 😀

  14. So glad that you liked those fabrics, Hillary. You picked good ones! Aren’t the textures on some of them great? Not your average cottons.

  15. why is mail from Japan so cute???

  16. Oooh, I love it all.
    Too much.
    Especially the stickers.

  17. Those Choco Babies and Choco Beat candies are the best!

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