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so much

I’m bursting with ideas these days. So many projects and inspirations – great fuzzy things from the thrift store to transform into stuffeds, so many beautiful new fabrics to sew up and quilt and display, and so many great childrens books I’ve discovered. All the distractions are keeping me from finishing the how-to I’m in the middle of.  And my house is overflowing. I’m running out of shelf space for stuffeds and my basement is so packed with leftovers from my vintage business there is no room to move all this outgrown baby stuff. And yet my wishlist keeps growing. I’ve convinced myself I need felting kits and teddy bear joints, jars of vintage buttons and fabric fabric fabric. I’m having all sorts of inspired ideas about trading and selling. At least they seem inspired in the shower when I come up with them. Everything is a little less brilliant after I’m toweled off. I’ve got gifts to buy, decorations to make and a stack of magazines to read through that is almost menacing.

Here’s a little bear I made last week to look at while I get my act together…

10 thoughts on “so much

  1. Cute bear! Glad you are feeling motivated. Maybe the Japanese fabric will really get you going.

  2. Adorable! of course I’m partial to redheads! I hear you on the house stuffed to the gills with ‘ideas’. When my husband starts tocomplain I reming him that he has a pottery studio, an office at work, a shed and an outbuilding….

  3. what types of fabrics do you reuse at the thrift store to make your creations? I loooove them.

  4. cute bear! I wish I started reading your blog before I moved, I took a whole buch of stuffed animals to the Good Will – I would have sent them along to you! Maybe everyone should but a little “Getting rid of…..??” section so if someone else has stuff, we can send it to them!

  5. Love the bear! Boy, am I with you on the getting distracted by having too many things to want to try to do…my life is in total chaos.

  6. Greetings from Malaysia, I’ve been a lurker for a while but I just had to drop a note echoing what others have said before… you are really talented! Your crafting skills are terrific and your projects are amazing. I love them all and really enjoy your journal.

  7. For me, a big part of channeling all of my pent-up inspiration is getting off the darned computer! The colors in your bear are great. I personally believe that I have in my possession the cutest bear ever. 🙂

  8. What a cute little bear, such a friendly face. One you can tell all your troubles to.

  9. Jars of vintage buttons…don’t they just call to you and harrass you until you buy them? Everytime I run into one at a flea market or garage sale I think, “I know have BILLIONS of buttons already, but I MUST have these specific ones, or I’ll never be able to comlete a project again!|”

  10. I love this bear! He is so cute! Is there a pattern online for this or do you have an ISBN if it was from a Japnese crafting book? thanks!

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