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I can’t believe this only took me an hour. I’ve had a bin of Phoebe’s old baby clothes, and some thrifted items, sitting in my craft room for um, 7? years with the intention of turning them into doll clothes for Phoebe’s dolls. These are not the archived, save-forever baby clothes that are all in storage, nor are these the adorable heartbreakingly tiny infant clothes that I turned into her keepsake baby quilt (man I need new photos of that!) … More

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Sewing toys from vintage patterns

Have you visited 6 weeks of softies love at Sew Mama Sew yet? There have been so many great patterns and tutorials. Today I have a bit on making toys from patterns in vintage sewing books.

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Are you hooked on sewing toys? Are you coveting expensive Japanese toy making books or have a pile of books in your Amazon cart that you’re dying to pull the trigger on? If you’re looking for a cheap fix for new … More

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fairy doll with yarn ball buns

To make fairy buns: You need to wind two little balls of yarn for the buns. About 2″ diameter. I start by winding a few loops around my finger one way, then back across the middle the other way until I’ve got a nugget started to work with. Then just wind and wind, evenly around until you have a fat happy round yarn ball. Mine are pretty dense when I’m done. I suggest you keep the tension more tight than … More

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doll hair how-to : loopy yarn hair

Boucle is a great yarn to use if you want your doll to have curly hair. And sewing it down in loops makes for a very fun full head of yarn hair. To do this hairdo, first I pinned and sewed short bags and a base of hair around her head.

doll hair covering head

Then I wrapped the yarn around cardstock and sewed down the middle. I try my best to keep it evenly spaced but it inevitably bunches up. It doesn’t make … More