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Susannah, such a cute name! But can you say it without singing Oh Susannah? Try it. I can’t. And can you write about her without saying something cheesy like…Don’t you cry for her, she’s having a lovely day in the park!

She’s enjoying her new mail treats. A cute sketch book with matching pencil (awesome!) from Alison & Nicole and a new Milly Molly Mandy book (woohoo!) from Sarah


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These are hurried, hectic modern times we live in. Stressful, chaotic, overscheduled times. Running to and fro, errands, classes, work, activities, groups, outings. How is one supposed to find the time for relaxation, for recharging, for hobbies. Introducing the Hobbibot 2006. No time to knit? Don’t worry. Go ahead and work right up til bedtime. Wash all those dishes and do one more load of laundry because the Hobbibot will knit that baby sweater for you. This new deluxe model … More

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Paige kitty loves school. This Fall she is starting kindergarten and she is over the moon excited about it. So excited in fact, she’s had no time for Summer activities. It’s been pencils and books, letters and numbers all Summer long.

When the rest of the kids are at the swimming pool Paige is playing teacher.

Paige is very pleased it is finally August because that means the first day of school is right around the corner. It also means … More