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Hello hello, how are you blogaudience?! I am very happy. Halloween is OVER! And I’m not a hater, but I am so relieved. There is something about the day after Halloween that feels like the end of a marathon. I don’t know if it’s the back to school busyness, that goes into Fall sports/activities crazytown, right into PTA nuttiness, followed by autumn splendor mania, and then the trifecta of parade/party/trick or treating but after it’s over I am so relieved. … More

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christmas was merry!

dala horse ornament

I have more pictures to share but I've got kids crawling all over me. Also I'm kinda already in new year mode. I'm sitting on my hands to not pick up, store, put away, take down. My house looks shabby and beat up. It needs a makeover but unfortunately my wallet is also shabby and beat up. I wish there were garage sales in January. I want to buy someone else's stuff to spruce this place up.

I'll try to … More

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we are santa’s elves

We had a busy busy weekend of not leaving the house.

We made Orangette’s caramel corn for passing out as we do every year. So yummy!

We tried our hand at yarn wreaths (from Christopher and Tia). Oscar gave up because he couldn’t make it neat enough so I just made them myself.

yarn wreath ornaments christmas crafting at

Both kids loved these modern paper ornaments over at Design Sponge. They’re like magic! I want to do lots of paper things this year … More

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cut outs

Christmas is backing up as I work on cutting out a zillion little this and that’s for O’s holiday party. I’m cutting and shopping online. Probably why my productivity is so low. I think I’m almost done with the shopping part and need to get started on all my handmade projects. Yikes! What’s the date?

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