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I sure had to restrain myself to not write a dorky post title today. So many goofy butter sayings popped into my head. If I had to pick a least favorite part of blogging it’d be the titles. I want to switch over to doing asterisks or something but that’d be so annoying when you’re looking through the archives. Anyhoo…

I finished up my cross stitch quartet! This weekend I picked up these frames at Ikea and I love them … More

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After my success with the Blackbird Designs pattern I thought it’d be fun to try to come up with my own little something. That’s why you didn’t hear from me for a week! Here she is, after many false starts, my little egg collecting girl. I looked to these gals for inspiration. I’ve got ideas for butter, apples and wool next but first I’m sitting with this gal and trying to decide if she’s right.

Here’s what I’ve learned about … More

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tuesday yarn

I’m addicted to cross stitch. I can’t wait to start another. I tried to design one myself but I can’t find my tiny square graph paper. So instead I’m knitting. Knitting with the most soft, amazingly perfect yarn. It’s really worth it with yarn, isn’t it, to get the good stuff. I’m knitting very slowly so I can enjoy every minute of it.

Blackbird Designs’ “Small Token”More