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Here’s another felt robot. I made her pink because girls like robots too. For you robot nerds, I made her in the style of the Gang of 5. Hey, that is a really great site for robot-making inspiration. The second robot I tried to make looked sort of like this. It doesn’t really stand. But I guess I should go ahead and finish it up.  Ooh! I like this guy. I think I’ll make my next one … More

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for the girl on the go

I just finished this little dachshund handbag for our favorite girl on the go, Trixie. Oscar is smitten and he asked me to send a little something on his behalf. 

I had originally wanted to crochet her this Ted purse from my Jaeger baby knits book.

I could totally picture little Trixie leaping over the side of the crib with her valuables safely stashed away in her teddie bag. But, I couldn’t figure it out. I thought it was … More

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What do I do when the projects are piling up, the Christmas cards are unaddressed and nothing has been baked.. make snowmen of course. Unauthorized projects are my downfall. I spied little snowmen like these on one of Kitty’s Oriental Craft Shop‘s listings and had to give them a try. They’re made from cheap gloves, scraps of flannel and tweed, a shiny bead bracelet I had, some floss and a little blusher. I love them.

Unfortunately even their sweet … More

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Sashiko for Mariko

I’ve been dying to try my hand at sashiko embroidery ever since I found a book on it at Mitsuwa. I decided to try out an apron pattern for my amazing accomplice Miss Mariko. (If there is ever a crafting version of The Amazing Race I want her as my partner!) Hopefully this will keep her neat and tidy while she bakes all her yummy goodies.

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Today is Halloween costume making day. I’m under strict orders to “get cracking”!

But I just had to make this cutie squirrel first. When I saw how wonderful the felted camel sweater and the feedsack fabric matched I just had to bump up Squirrel-y here to the front of the line.

ok, now to tackle this bag of fur. Hopefully this is going to work out and I won’t need to make an emergency trip to the Target for a … More