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all stitched up and ready to go

The Book Club is complete! These last two are snuggled close together enjoying a book in their favorite chair. These little readers have been so much fun to stitch up. I almost feel like I want to do another nine. And I'm excited to get started on their quilt. I'm thinking it'd be a cute birthday present for Junebaby. I've got it all sketched out. Now I just need to figure out how to make it work.

So set no. 3 is done and up in the shop. As I mentioned before if you ordered the first two sets then this one is free. I've emailed the download to those who ordered one and two together but if you ordered them separately please email me and I'll send it along. And there's an all 3 option in the shop as well.

5 thoughts on “all stitched up and ready to go

  1. They are so sweet!!!
    Your stitchettes are addicting…LOL.
    Well, I was one of the customers that purchased the 1st two sets separately, just emailed you ;-).
    Thanks in advance for such a great gift!

  2. SO CUTE! Thank you for the “freebie”. I can’t wait to do something with these little readers, and see what you end up doing with them.
    BTW, love the new shop colors 🙂 Very springy.

  3. These are super duper cute. I have worked in libraries most of my adult life, so I love pictures of people reading!

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