dress for phoebe

I had an hour or so sewing time yesterday so I wanted to make up something super quick & easy for Phoebe to get back in the swing of sewing for her. I had these two fabrics set aside, olive green jersey and vintage cotton/poly floral print, and remembered I’d wanted to make a copy of a dress Phoebe has. It was pretty easy to put together. I sewed the bodice first and made some bias tape from the jersey … More

yellow day

We made up this skirt for Phoebe’s yellow day at preschool. She seems pretty pleased with the 10 minute skirt. Not so pleased that I can’t whip up yellow shoes to match.

vintage fabric skirtMore

kids clothes week challenge: day one: tulip turtleneck

kids clothes week challenge

pattern: from this book.

fabric: jersey knit fabric from here

sewing time: about an hour ( I’d already traced the pattern pieces and prewashed the fabric)

overall: success! there may have been a loud snapping sound of a thread breaking when I pulled it over her head but I went back and sewed it up while stretching the fabric and I think we’re going to be okay.

hat: yes, another one. she wanted pink. it’s done … More

early start

I should just save this for next week’s kid sewing challenge but I want to stay motivated to get through my huge stack of sewing projects so here’s this top today. Thanks Karen for the Liberty print! When are you going to London again?

Pattern is from here and it was tricky! This was definitely a labor of love. Here’s the criss cross back.

Liberty cotton lawn and knit jersey for the sashing (that’s what you’d call that, right?). I … More

childrens style book

sushi and a panda, that’s all I was going for. I’m on a strict
budget and so I wasn’t even going to go into the bookstore. but
I couldn’t help myself. you see why.

children’s style book

the styling/staging, the photography & the book design are amazing. I was powerless against this book

and there are so many crazy cute patterns in here

it was inevitable I guess. even the panda knew I was going slip up.

day 5 – dots

It's actually warm enough to wear this dress today, when the wind's not blowing. This one was total instant gratification: a thrifted housedress + japanese craft book + 10 minutes.

don't mind the model, she's got a little cookie in the mouth. hard to catch her not eating.… More