Sewing a Make-Along “Spring it on” dress for Kit-Kat

I love this vintage print, the colors are amazing. I think it was sheets or a pillowcase. I haven’t used any of my vintage fabrics in a while. When I started making toys everything I used was from the thrift store. Since fabric companies finally learned to tap wonderful designers for their prints I’ve been unable to stop myself from shopping and using mostly new prints but it is fun to go back to “my roots”, especially for the very … More


I sketched this gal the other night making dinner and LOVE how she turned out, yay! I had this body already made up from years ago when I was going to make the Little Women dolls, still on my to-do list. I was pleased with my solution for a little apron/dress. The first few tries were weird. I think this is pretty cool, I like how it overlaps in the back. I was excited to make a bunch of layers … More

a doll for Penny

I made this doll from the Kit, Chloe and Louise pattern, to go to a little blond friend of ours. Our friend Penny is a super talented and creative girl and I was so pleased when her mom said she was loving the toys I’ve been making because I’d already had this one in mind for her. Never too old for dolls!

Her outfits were all made from recycled baby/kids clothes. I am definitely still loving this process, although … More