quilted handbag puzzle

I made a quilted handbag for my mom for her birthday. I saw this bag on Pinterest and thought she’d like it so I went down to the Quilt Merchant and found some wool and flannels and autumnal prints and gave it a shot. To figure out the shape I cut squares of cotton and basted them together til I got it. I think I got it right. Either way it turned out cute. I pieced the squares together first, then handquilted diagonally with embroidery floss to  batting. I cut a lining out in same shape, then sewed the seams of both up, sewed them together right sides together along the top edge leaving a gap to turn it rightside out. Ordered purse handles off etsy and 6 weeks later when they came I sewed them on and voila. The bag itself came together in one day. Super fun project! I kinda want my own now.

Terrible photos, but here they are.

And here is the shape I decided it was & it all taped together 3D-like.

7 thoughts on “quilted handbag puzzle

  1. Megan says:

    Thank you for sharing the shape you used!!
    I think a little, orange one is in order–a patchwork pumpkin for my daughter’s trick or treat bag!
    And one for me, of course. Love it!

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