I’m hooked!

Fallen down the rabbit hole indeed! I love when a whole new craft world opens up to me… all new sites, new blogs, new awesome crafty products to search out. I am hooked on my Project Life journal in the worst (best!) way. It’s been like a hundred light bulbs going off for me. I was playing around making thank you cards with a small pile of scrapbooking supplies that I couldn’t resist getting for myself while shopping for a friend. At the same time I started working on putting together our 2012 photobook and was distracting myself reading blogs and this by Amy about how you can’t beat the coolness of having physical things in your home to interact with was repeating in my head. I’ve always wanted to keep journals but have never seen it through. This blog was my most successful attempt at a journal but then when people started actually reading it I got all weird about what I could put out there. I’ve mostly kept it as a crafting/inspiration place but then all the main stuff of our family’s life is just an endless stream of iphone photos. I love getting things off the computer and into an album and writing about them and sticking stickers on them. That’s what’s been missing in my life. Sticking stickers! It makes me so happy. As I’m getting more into this I’m realizing that so many things I love and collect — cool paper, cards, paper scraps from here and there, labels off my beer bottles, stamps I’ve carved, korean stickers I’ve ordered from etsy — have never had a real home. But they do now!

So right now I’m watching videos and spending way too much money on things I think I need. Enamel dots? I think so! A new fancy paper cutter? maybe that can wait. That cool sliding tape/glue dispenser? Oscar and I vote Yes! And I’m discovering so many blogs. It’s awesome. I’m also trying to discover what my style is going to be for my new journal. I love the minimalist look. Just photos and very cool/simple design elements. It’s beautiful. But really what I’m most attracted to is the more-is-more, throw-lots-of-stuff-at-it, more scrapbook type of thing. I want to encorporate lots of memorabilia and have a reason to buy cork stickers and wood grain sequins. I want to put washi tape on everything! Washi tape, another thing I’ve been hoarding that I really have had no use for up til now. So exciting! This reminds me of when I first became addicted to knitting. Ah, the joy of a new craft!

I’ve started pinning to here.

And I’ve spent a lot of time at Two Peas in a Bucket and A Cherry on Top. Going to watch more videos now.


11 thoughts on “I’m hooked!

  1. Kristine says:

    Great, I followed your links down the rabbit hole! Now I think I need PL in my life. I have never been attracted to scrapbooking (no time, no money, too messy), but this Project Life thing is something I can do! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Becky says:

    I’m right there with you…my kit (and gobs of other stuff) is due to arrive tomorrow and I’ve been downloading and printing and downloading and…yep, it’s an addiction!

  3. beth says:

    I just recently got obsessed because we decided to kick our yearly travel journal into high gear. I just spent $40 at Jo-Ann’s and everything fit into one of their tiny bags. Scrapbook Warehouse is deadly. Be careful. The shipping is cheap so you can get carried away. I’m not going to do the PL stuff but I have been loving the supplies. I’ve pinned some good ideas here: http://pinterest.com/bethlemon/travel-art-smash-journal-inspiration/

  4. Alexandrea says:

    Oh dear! I’ve never heard of this. As soon as I started looking up the stuff from your links I got the butterflies in my stomach I get when I get really excited about a project. Hehe. Thanks for sharing! I may have to do some online shopping tonight!

  5. Seanna Lea says:

    Well, that answered my question. If I had noticed another post, I wouldn’t have asked my silly question. I would just know that Project Life is too dangerous for me.

  6. hillary says:

    no! I didn’t know. will go investigate now. I did come across studio calico early on and was all, no i don’t need a $30 a month subscription but now I’m thinking otherwise! do you like it?

  7. Erin | house on hill road says:

    really, who "needs" any of it?!? that said, i like the variety that i didn't have with the PL kit i bought last year, but it still looks cohesive. i'll finish this year out and then see what i think about next year.

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