16 thoughts on “rainy morning

  1. nancy heard says:

    i LOVE the book cover in that photo! is it an old book? i’ve never heard of that series. of course i have boys, not girls, so that might be the reason.

  2. Lucinda says:

    Oh, to be Betsy! I read the series over and over and introduce it to my fifth graders as well. What a wonderful world Mrs. Lovelace created!

  3. Leila says:

    I love that afghan (?) in the photo. It makes me want to pull out my knitting needles too. Or, rather, my BIG knitting needles. I’ve been knitting socks all summer.

  4. Amanda says:

    I love Betsy-Tacy! What a great cover. I actually named my oldest daughter Tacy after Tacy Kelly and would have named the others Betsy and Tib if my husband didn’t think I was crazy.

  5. Christine W. says:

    I love Maud Hart Lovelace’s books! I first found your blog as the result of a google search for “Betsy Tacy”- one of the links that came up was for photos of your Betsy doll.

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