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rainy morning

A nice rainy day can be just the ticket for getting things done. Two weeks into school and I’ve given up my Summer lovin and am ready for a nice Fall cool down. I want to do some knitting!

16 thoughts on “rainy morning

  1. Such a great book choice! I love the Betsy-Tacy-Tib series.

  2. i LOVE the book cover in that photo! is it an old book? i’ve never heard of that series. of course i have boys, not girls, so that might be the reason.

  3. That’s my favorite series from when I was a child. And that is such a lovely image.

  4. I HAUNT book sales for Betsy books of this vintage and have never found one. How do you do it? So pristine!

  5. Oh, to be Betsy! I read the series over and over and introduce it to my fifth graders as well. What a wonderful world Mrs. Lovelace created!

  6. The Betsy-Tacy books are one of my all-time favorites. I never get tired of reading them.

  7. I have to admit, it took me all summer to read The Passage. I gave it a C+. I’m waaay more into my new book by the author of The Time Traveler’s Wife… I forget what it’s called tho. 🙂

  8. I love that afghan (?) in the photo. It makes me want to pull out my knitting needles too. Or, rather, my BIG knitting needles. I’ve been knitting socks all summer.

  9. I finished The Passage about a month ago. I totally didn’t know it was a series. I guess I’m sucked in now.

  10. my mom knit that! isn’t it pretty 🙂

  11. yes, old! it’s part of the betsy tacy series by maud hart lovelace

  12. I love Betsy-Tacy! What a great cover. I actually named my oldest daughter Tacy after Tacy Kelly and would have named the others Betsy and Tib if my husband didn’t think I was crazy.

  13. I love the Betsy Tacy books. Seek out the Milly Molly Mandy books for a similarly sweet book series beloved by British children.

  14. I love Maud Hart Lovelace’s books! I first found your blog as the result of a google search for “Betsy Tacy”- one of the links that came up was for photos of your Betsy doll.

  15. Just bought the complete set of Betsy’s “grown-up” books last week.

  16. Love the afghan! Any chance you can get the name of the pattern from your mom?

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