Kit answers her ten

Name: Kit
Age: 10

Favorite subjects in school?
Art & Science

Your best sport?

Fav designers?

Current project?
comic book

Your wheels are?

Your favorite doll?
my hacked Barbies and my Blythe

Favorite movie?
Star Wars

What WB heroine do you most relate with?

You wear an apron to…?

Book you’ve checked out the most times from the library?
The Golden Compass

43 thoughts on “Kit answers her ten

  1. melissa deakin says:

    oh my goodness…beyond adorable.
    i just love the little kitty on her dress and her hair is precious.
    your talent is just incredible.
    i have loved meeting all three girls this week.

  2. louisa says:

    Hillary, These little dolly interviews are really making my week sooo much better! They make me smile,laugh, giggle… and the bets part is that Louise sounds like she could be my twin sister! Thanks for so much fun and sweetness :0) Hugs, Louisa

  3. kristena says:

    You are killin’ me with cute! I love her! And how could her favorite movie not be Star Wars with those awesome little buns on her head? So perfect.
    You are my hero, Hillary Lang.

  4. alicia policia says:

    Wow, Kit eerily sounds a lot like the young me. With the exception of the skateboard bit — I, too, would’ve broken my leg.
    I have to add that I love the fact her favorite movie is Star Wars, and she’s totally rocking the Leia do. I think Kit needs a Princess Leia costume come Halloween (after all, the young me had one). : )

  5. Brandy says:

    They are so adorable Hillary! I can’t wait until the patterns are done. Perfect timing too, a friend just found out she is having a girl. I think that I had a doll very similar to this when I was little, so it will be fun to make for another generation.
    Thanks 🙂

  6. dorre says:

    i loved kit best when i saw your inital pic of the girls (probably because she looks most like me and my little girl). but now that i know her?? this chick rocks. and she’s a BUFFY fan? i love her even more… the star wars and hacking the dolls up is just icing on the cake. hope you enjoyed wonderfalls. i loved the trailer (all that red..) i pretty much love anything remotely and directly whedonesque. huge fan of your blog here. now i can’t wait to see what else these girls will be up to. thanks for all the fun!

  7. Melike says:

    Aw, she reminds me of my childhood! Except I don’t do karate and I’ve never watched Star Wars. I hacked my barbies and made them brunettes!

  8. Laurie says:

    OK, Kit probably plays percussion, or a tuba!! 🙂 She is wonderful!! I can’t wait for the pattern!! My 6 year-old has asked for all of them!!

  9. lucy says:

    omg love them all but kit would be my partner in crime, I can’t wait for the patterns. I’m just off to my stash to spend the morning making little piles with these in mind. Ahhh bliss.

  10. Chrissy says:

    How to choose between these three adorable little girls?
    CHLOE with her wiggly hair? (I’ve always wanted wiggly hair)
    LOUISE with that innocent fringe and her wonderful shoes?
    I think it has to be KIT. I love her hairstyle and the finishing touch of the kitty on her dress.
    No wonder little girls (and big ones) are saying ‘Me want’!
    This is wonderful work.

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