32 things actually

I’m it! Thanks Jen. 4 things…

four jobs I’ve had
hollering after a toddler get back in the bathroom with that toothbrush
shredding paper at a bank
clerk at video hell
waitress at the track

four movies I can watch over and over
dazed and confused
singing in the rain
pride and prejudice

four places I have lived
madison wisconsin
chicago illinois
austin texas
oak park illinois

four tv shows I love to watch
the office
instant star

four places I have been on holiday
new york
duluth minnesota
south of france

four of my favorite dishes
massaman curry
tim’s beef stew
pho tai

four websites I visit daily
go fug yourself

four places I’d rather be right now
sleeping under an umbrella on a hot beach
at a fancy hotel snoozing in one million count sheets
dozing off in a rocking chair at a lake house reading a novel
well you get the idea

four bloggers I’m tagging
I don’t know who has been tagged already so to not embarass myself I’m skipping it

9 thoughts on “32 things actually

  1. Alicia says:

    Ohmigosh, you guys should go to the Lakeside Manor Inn in Lake Delavan, WI. We stayed there for our honeymoon in the big house with has its own “apartment” with a big front porch, right on this gorgeous lawn with a hammock, leading down to the lake. There wasn’t anyone else there. It was perfect.

  2. liesl says:

    Really, you’ve lived in Madison? Did you go to school there? I grew up there and still love it; if you could convince me to leave NYC I’d move back in a heartbeat. So much to do there!

  3. Tim says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention Lemongrass Chicken as a favorite food, because everyone knows that “Hillary Loves Lemongrass!”

  4. molly says:

    So I slept at a friend’s house last week (her parent’s house actually) and the thread count of the sheets that I slept on was so HIGH that they have their sheets dry cleaned!!
    It was buttery-smooth. I’m just so glad my legs were shaved, so that I could really enjoy the silkiness…
    Oh, and if I had to get my sheets dry cleaned in order for them to be clean, I’d be in a lot of trouble. It would never get done!

  5. selenium7 says:

    Yes, but WHICH Pride & Prejudice (usually discussed in terms of the star)?
    Greer Garson
    Jennifer Ehle (BBC -some consider this the definitive version aka “The Colin Firth version”)
    Kiera Knightly
    and there are several old TV versions that don’t merit mention.

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